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  1. I tried to install el captain 10.11.3 some time ago and got stuck at the black screen documented with this card. I tried editing the amdradeonx4000.kext to the old values and had no success. Im thinking back and I bet SIP was enabled that time around.. El capitan has some learning curve.. The specs: Motherboard: Biostar tz77xe3 CPU: i5 2500 Ram: 8GB G-Skill Ripjaws 4x2GB Video : HIS Radeon HD 7700 (dev id: 0x683d) This time, instead of editing the kext I tried using the same edits using this verde.kext I found on another site I had issues for what its worth, When installing:
  2. Just updated to 10.11.4 via app store no issues. Clover ftw.
  3. Since last update - ecstatic! Only few issues that don't affect me, mainly when sleeping, sometimes wakes, sometimes doesn't. To clarify, it is sitting on a dell d-dock.. I haven't changed the wifi because it doesn't move from here, nor does it shut down ever. No problems running for a few days. That brings me to a shot in the dark.. how do i get the spdif port on the dock working? coundlt even figure it out on windows using vista drivers.. xp only.. soo Im not expecting the community to figure this out. But if you could, that would have my real mac on the market in a minute because eve
  4. Just a heads up to anyone doing this build... I built my own config using clover included command line. I had my kexts in prebuiltkernel prior to building my own. It didn't include the csractiveconfig key allowing unsigned kexts and after trying again to move fakesmc to library/extentions i ended up with no battery, touchpad, keyboard or audio. csractiveconfig must be 0x03 or whatever it is for unsigned kexts to load.
  5. Thanks a lot Hervé, after you made your post, took a look at the info plist and knew the change that had to be made instantly! but now the file has been posted for all to use. I will post as soon as i test in a few minutes
  6. @polyzargone My DSDT has been fixed causing the fixes in your clover config to also be redundant.. I still have USB and I don't have the renames in my clover config @Hervé device id: 0x0429
  7. Yeah tried those files, few issues. VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext is redundant, can be found in ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/PlugIns VoodooBattery.kext wouldn't work with my system... use APCIBatteryManager.kext instead ​But for the most part those are the files I am using and still experiencing issues returning from sleeping screen, like I said i even generated another config.plist for clover.
  8. ok so first off i would like to thank the community for there support. A+ i have tried an enoch approach and for the life of me could not get usb injector to load. I have also discovered that I can't even let display sleep without loosing gpu throttling. I moved fakesmu to l/e and it wouldn't boot. usb injector and fakesmu have to be in efi/clover/kexts for the thing to boot and have usb.. but its quicker than my 2008 2.0 unibody macbook.. and the legit one doesn't even get that nice black/white boot screen i suspect m dsdt. what do i need to change on the d630n boot pack dsdt to fit the
  9. I haven't changed by wifi thats why it doesn't work.. but my point is i can't sleep the computer because then there is no way to connect to network after i loose lan...
  10. still don't have wifi and when i sleep there is no lan after resume, but i turned off virtualization and the problem went away
  11. The computer behaves the same without the edits to the dsdt, only without usb support. I will check later after resuming from sleep but in any case that will cause me to have to reboot.. as i don't have wifi
  12. I have this D830 with a T9300 2.5GHz c2d and the 140M.. I had a good mavs install and just before the release of El Capitan I got antsy and took the plunge on my laptop to the gm release candidate. Install was tricky, I also figured out clover with the help of other threads and the bootpack combined through trial and error. Now I am running all the kexts from the mavs bootpack except for the few mentioned in the smc and performance tuning thread. I am using a dsdt from the same bootpack with edits to enable usb. Needless to say this is how it was running the other day... 3.83GHz!! thats
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