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  1. Hi everyone. I've already posted it some time ago, but it was archived, and maybe it was so due to lack of information, so here goes more details: I've had MacOSX 10.6 on my Dell D630, every keyboard key worked just fine. Then, i've updated to 10.6.6, and after that some keys were swapped(i.e.: \| for '"), but the most strange is the /? key that is located at the left side of the right shift that turned up to some sort of [enter]. Now updated to 10.6.7 and the situation stood the same. Tried different keyboard/mouse kexts (from the latest EDP) without any different results. Tried different keyboard layouts/languages, but no dice either. Also tried that keyboard layout editor called Ukelele, but I didn't knew where to start. Then now comes the surprise: if I use any external keyboard, all the keys work perfectly. What strikes me odd the most of this situation is that, although my Latitude is an Brazilian model (ABNT2 keyboard layout), the /? key was working even with the default language, although with some other characters. And even with the language setting that fixed the right key positions (keys also working in 10.6), from 10.6.6 until now the keyboard does not work properly. Why it is happening is absolutely beyond me. Anyone ever heard about something like this or has any ideas from these clues I've posted above?
  2. Ops, just noticed that i've posted in the EDP releases section, sorry. It should be posted in the Support & Help session, amirite?
  3. Don't know about you guys but i've had this bummer. On another topic at this forum was told that this happens because of the deletion of Trackpad.prefpane by the voodoo prefpane installation script. Ergo, one should be able to fix this by simply copying a copy of the Trackpad.prefpane back to SL. I've got the one in the /Extra/storage/prefPanes folder and it worked. Dunno if this works well with Voodoo prefpanes, i've removed it before trying the above stated. Anyways, though it would be helpful for anyone, so here it is. Thanks and have a good time!
  4. Hey, inside the EDP package there's a VoodooPS2 preferences panel, I've installed it but it broke my system preferences. How can I uninstall it?
  5. Bronxteck, many thanks for the heads up, will try it as soon I have some free time
  6. Hey joot, I have downloaded and installed EDP 1.6 (out today) and noticed that it also supports D630 with X3100, why don't you try it out?
  7. Will test it later today, so excited
  8. Tommie, it worked for me this way (although last time I've made it I've used EDP 1.5). But in theory is just like that. But it would be really nice if someone could come up with a bootable iso just like D620XXX.iso with updated bootloader and EDP (I wish I had the knowledge to do it myself). EDIT: oooops, reviewing your post, just noted that I made different: first installed the 10.6.6 update, then BEFORE RESTARING, installed the bootloader (chameleon), then the EDP and ONLY THEN restarted.
  9. joot, the EDP i indicated in my previous post also works for x3100. It's meant to work with any D4xx and D6xx. Give it a try, if you can. EDITED: ooops, nevermind, according to the site it only supports nVIDIA, my mistake. Sorry.
  10. Hello guys. When I was using the 10.6 on my D630 I was making and recovering backups sucessfully with the Time Machine feature. Of course, since is a procedure very similar to a new installation, it ruins the bootloader. This wasn't much of a problem, because i had a bootloader cd from leppy from InsaneMac that always worked well and even had the post-installs inside the cd as well, so all that was needed was recover the system with time machine, boot up with the CD and then do the post-installation procedure. But after the update to 10.6.6, i've lost the ability to recover those time machine backups, because I can't boot from the cd anymore, it just loads eternally in the gray loading screen (probably due to the difference between the old kexts inside the cd and the kexts needed for 10.6.6 to work properly). So I was wondering if there's a way to make a boot cd from the most up-to-date bootloader and EDP, if possible without the MacOSX, and not on a USB pendrive. The procedure to do so is anything near the instructions to make the USB installer described here (http://www.osxlatitude.com/groups/d4xosx/wiki/94855/Howto_install_OSX_on_your_Dell_Latitude.html)? Thanks in advance.
  11. Here's what I did to upgrade sucessfully my vanilla 10.6 to 10.6.6 (assuming that you already have 10.6 up and running): Download 10.6.6 Combo update from here: http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1349 Download Bootloader from here: http://www.osxlatitude.com/groups/d4xosx/wiki/319f8/d4xOSX_package_10.html Download EDP from here: http://www.osxlatitude.com/groups/d4xosx/wiki/a92b0/EDP_History_and_Changelog.html And here's how to do it: 1) Install 10.6.6 update. DO NOT REBOOT AT THE END. 2) Install Bootloader. DO NOT REBOOT YET. 3) Install the EDP package using these steps: 3.1) Copy the Extra.zip to the root of your system 3.2) Open Terminal and enter the following command lines: 3.2a) cd / 3.2b) sudo su (right after this it will ask for your password) 3.2c) unzip Extra.zip (will ask for what to do with all the conflicts, select "A" [without quotes] to overwrite all) 3.2d) cd /Extra 3.2e) ./edptool.command (this will open the program that will apply the EDP package) 3.3) Inside the edptool, maximize the terminal window to view all the options, then press 1 to rebuild kexts 3.4) In the next screen, choose your Latitude model and press the correspondent number 3.5) Chose the subsequential options (in case of doubt, use the options 2, n and n) 3.6) It's done, you may now reboot. On my Dell Latitude D630 with nVIDIA, it works flawlessly. Hope it works for you.
  12. Great deal, tks! Luckily, I keep the EDP Extra.zip in the system root, so I just need to unzip and run the edp script \0/
  13. I was trying to install a different version of the VoodooPS2Kext, then when I was rebooting I've ended up in the grey screen asking to restart my mac. What should I do to restore my system? I know that the safe mode option is -x but it ain't helping, the system crashes anyway. Is there a way to access the file system and replacing the kext with the one that was working?
  14. Hey guys, i've noticed that for all keyboard layouts, the "' key is swapped for the |\ key, and the interrogation sign key became some sort of ENTER. Could be something related to the voodoo PS2 kext(interrogation)
  15. OMG Thund3rbolt, IT WORKED! I've never saw the other options! How silly me, haha! Everything is working fine now, the boot screen is prettier and the boot is blazing fast! I didn't tested the ethernet, but i really don't need, so Thanks to everyone who helped out. You guys are awesome!
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