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  1. i have generated ssdt with pike alpha's generator. can u provide me config file with necessary changes???
  2. recently i have install yosemite 10.10.2 with clover. every thing is woking fine without proper ACPI states only s3 s4 s5 are get loading as a result my system not waking from sleep. i have to press reset button. My Config: imac 14,2 H97M D3H I5 4690 NVIDIA GTX 760 Actually on my 1st partition there is mavericks and it is running OOB with all ACPI states [s0 S3 S4 S5] (S3) EVERYTHING WORKS FINE . then i installed yosemite 10.10.2 on 2nd partition with chameleon. With chameleon also it is showing only three ACPI states. Then i went for clover. i have generated error free ssdt.a
  3. i heard that voodoo will cause kernel panics at any stage and also i had that experiece with my earlier 10.6.3 machine......so i decided to patch AppleHDA for corresponding codec......what should i do??? what is layout id how it is configured???how to know my audio codec???
  4. i m using Hackintosh Vietnam Tool (HVT) for driver installation.I did lapic kernel patch,Power management,ethernet,battery etc with HVT. Now in my mind is 1st Qestion what HVT did in background??? plz Explain bcz i want to learn thing from basic.... Then i config HD4000 (low 1300x768) and also kext settings in HVT but it wont work for me.....after that i done lot of reserch on HD4000 and finally decided to patch my DSDT for graphics using RehabMan laptop patch....and then my HD4000 works .intelcaprifb=3 and also 4 works for me but still QE/CI is not working. bcz i tried to play .mp4 but
  5. i installed OsX(disk0s4) after win7(disk0s6) but osX is on erlier partition. actually there was windows 8 partition which i had deleted and then created new paritions and installed osX there.... i got boot0 error so i resolved it with boot1h file...but now the problem is very weired BIOS is on legacy mode Scenario1:when i start machine it automatically starts windows7 but to start chameleon i have to press F9 and i have to select "Note Book Harddrive" from boot options(see attachment) then chameleon opens. it is showing all drivers . when i selected win7 it unable to boot and gives me error a
  6. My configuration: HP g6 2320TX core i5 3rd gen 3230CPU @2.60GHz(4cpu) ivy bridge 4GB ddr3 ram intel hd4000 radeon graphics 7670M 1TB HDD First, i would like to thank for creating such helpful forum to support hackintosh. actually i have no any mac machine i have downloaded some images of mac from torrent out of which i m going to install mavricks 10.9 on my machine. after installation my hackintosh showing identifier as: iMac 8,1 to create bootable USB media i used ML in Vmware. unifail not worked for me so i decided to use myHack which works for me like charm.but still i have some
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