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not loading all ACPI states (speedstep problem)


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recently i have install yosemite 10.10.2 with clover.

every thing is woking fine without proper ACPI states

only s3 s4 s5 are get loading as a result my system not waking from sleep. i have to press reset button.


My Config:

imac 14,2

H97M D3H

I5 4690



Actually on my 1st partition there is mavericks and it is running OOB with all ACPI states [s0 S3 S4 S5] (S3)


then i installed yosemite 10.10.2 on 2nd partition with chameleon. With chameleon also it is showing only three ACPI states. Then i went for clover.

i have generated error free ssdt.aml and also dsdt.aml . But when i select DropOEM in clover my boot hangs on PCI Configuration begin. but without DropOEM it runs good but only with 3 ACPI states.

i have installed web drivers and Graphics is also working properly. only thing that i had not done is i have not patched framebuffer for HD4600 as i am using Nvdia Graphics.


I have two EFI directories:

1. On root partition

2.On EFI partition


i have also tried to copy dsdt and ssdt to Clover/ACPI/patched directory for above both EFI's with different combinations but no luck. also tried to copy kexts to kexts/10.10 but still no luck.



my all configurations are attached. plz help to boot with proper ACPI States.


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do not drop all OEM ssdt's then.

 your machine might need one to boot correctly. with clover just drop the SSDT for cpu pm. you can look at the clover boot log to see what ssdt tables clover loaded. and determine which to not load.

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are you using the same DSDT for both os's? also clover sometimes gets confused when you have 2 EFI partitions like that. try sticking with the one in EFI partition.

maybe your mixing the speed stepping issue with a usb kext issue. generic usb3 kext is known to have issues with Yosemite. it was originally compiled for 10.8.x.

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