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  1. Hello, I managed that BT working again and visible in system informations. Only from time to time mighty mouse is visible but pairing impossible. Please, what can I do that to pair it? Thanks
  2. Yes, I added a another drive on this sata port. Could fix the problem with help from another forum. Boot the pc and hold esc. After the screen turns to red color release esc and press del. Ozmosis will not be loaded and access to Bios is available. Thanks.
  3. Hello, After my latest Bluetooth problems I posted, now my pc is dead... Installed latest ozmosis mod on my Gigabyte z87n wifi. Everything, Except the Bluetooth worked Fine. An Hour ago i plugged Another Hdd in and rebooted. Now all i have is a Black Screen and a blinking cursor in the Upper left corner. I dont See a bootscreen and the pc does mit react to Keyboard commands. I Tried a cmos reset without luck. Is there any Chance to get the bios Running Again? Please help! Thanks!
  4. Hello, need help with my Azurewave ce123h Bluetooth. Yesterday I installed Yosemite with Ozmosis. Everything is working fine. Then I installed Toledas bcm4352 kext, bcm4352bt + btfirmwareuploader v2.6 and Wifi and BT was working perfectly. 2 hours later BT stopped pairing mighty mouse. I tried several things but nothing worked to re-pair it. Therefore I reinstalled Yosemite. Now BT isn't working at all. Could not see it in system information. Tried to reinstall all kexts but without success. Then I migrated a backup, now I can see the BT symbol but BT is still away from system information. Please, any advice what I have to look for? With Mavericks this card worked fine too, but pairing did`t work unless I disabled XHCI-Handoff in Bios. Therefore I tried the same for my current setup without success. Thanks
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