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  1. Thanks Jake Lo, that solved the issue!
  2. I have been doing some research and seems like the sabios doesn't reference in some way to my usb ports... I haven't ha any issues before because I had been using Yosemite but now in Sierra all the USB ports are not working Any help?
  3. Hello again, I have been using Sierra without issues until today when I tried (for first time after upgraded it) a USB drive and it wasn't detected by the system. That was weird, so I started to try with different USB-things and I realized that, for example, my android phone was charging but not detected, the iPad was not even charging and all the usb drives weren't detected I used to have Mavericks before and I didn't have this issues... my current setup goes with A14 Bios, i3 and HD3000, 4 GB Ram, 250 SDD and 500 HDD. Could you help me? Regards
  4. Sorry for the late answer... I just copied incorrectly the EFI files... My fault...
  5. I solved it! It was a huge mistake during installation... Please close it! Regards!
  6. I installed clover following the guide... I'm pretty sure that I did it correctly (more than once). After use -v as boot flag I detected a timeout from one kext: AppleACPICPU... I'm still looking for a solution in google because it looks like a very common issue... sadly
  7. Hello, using the clover guide I successfully installed Sierra. Nevertheless, I can't boot it from SDD directly only using USB. At the beginning I was getting a KP caused by AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext... I searched here for the patched kext and problem solved... partially... I'm not getting KPs but the system is not starting... I don't have any clue, but based on my previous experience with Yosemite I suspect that it could be related to some kexts not installed properly... any ideas? Regards
  8. I'm following your guide Jake Lo but the 10.10.4 update doesn't change any file for E5420 model. In fact, if I replace the AppleHDA.kext with the new one, I lost the sound device . I will reinstall the DSTD files and see if something happens... If not I will try with Hervé's advice. I will let you know my results!
  9. Thanks for the answer. I did what you said and now the sleep is working if I use the command in the apple menu. Nevertheless, after I close the laptop (without putting to sleep it first) it's not possible to come back from the sleeping status. The laptop turns on but stays freeze. What could it be?
  10. I tried what you said but the result is the same. Here is the output of "sudo pmset -g": Active Profiles: Battery Power -1 AC Power -1* Currently in use: hibernatemode 3 halfdim 1 lidwake 1 disksleep 0 standbydelay 4200 ttyskeepawake 1 sleep 0 (sleep prevented by UserEventAgent) hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage autorestart 0 standby 0 displaysleep 3 Is the only detail with the update... before 10.10.4 everything was really smooth
  11. Thanks! That restored the normal boot. No more -v -f. The sleep problem is still there... any suggestions?
  12. Hello all! After some time enjoying my hackintosh I decided to update it to 10.10.4. The update process was successful but after restart the computer some issues appeared. First, I can't start the operating system without the -v -f flags. If I don't enter these options, after a while the boot process gets stuck. Second, sleeping is not possible now. I really miss this, because I used my hackintosh to work and turn it on and off all the time is really time consuming. Any idea about what is going on? My E5420 is an i3 machine, with 4 GB RAM. Currently the SD reader works partiall
  13. It works! sorry for the really late answer but I wasn't at home. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the replay and sorry for the late answer... I was really busy during the last few days... I'm using the same AppleHDA.kext that you left in the Yosemite tutorial and the headphone jack is not present in the list of possible devices. When you connect any headphone simply nothing change.
  15. Hello! I installed successfully Yosemite in my e5420 but the headphone jack is not working... any ideas?
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