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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings. Installed 10.14 Mojave on E5420, but can't get audio to work. On High Sierra used AppleAlc + Lilu and everything was fine. Tried to change layout id, changed HDAS to HDEF in ACPI section. Still no luck. I'm not sure what my codec is (only "Intel High Def Audio under Windows description), but I think that it may be around: IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio; IDT 92HD93 HD Audio. Any solution?
  2. Hello, using the clover guide I successfully installed Sierra. Nevertheless, I can't boot it from SDD directly only using USB. At the beginning I was getting a KP caused by AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext... I searched here for the patched kext and problem solved... partially... I'm not getting KPs but the system is not starting... I don't have any clue, but based on my previous experience with Yosemite I suspect that it could be related to some kexts not installed properly... any ideas? Regards
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first hackintosh attempt, and indeed my first post in this forum. You lot seem to be quite helpful, and I figured I'd turn here. I have an E5420, with the 2.5ghz i5, 4gb of ram, and the 1600x900 screen. It has a broadcom wireless card in it already. After the significant screwups on my part prior to getting this all functional to the point it is now, I am faced with an irritating issue of the screen glitching out and through the glitched text, reading "Still waiting for root device" Right before that, it reads [iOBluetoothFamily][searchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! It then slowly scrolls down in empty new lines every 2 or 3 minutes. I apologize if this is indeed similar to another issue on here, but those resolutions don't help. Booting with cpus=1, -x, GraphicsEnabler=No, or without caches does nothing to help the issue. Any suggestions? Thank you, Jakob
  4. Got Yosemite installed with everything working on my E5420. Swapped wifi for a DW1510 and used an E5x20 bootpack I found on the forum here. The system boots fine using Clover from my install USB, but not from the hard drive. I have copied the EFI folder from the USB to the FAT32 formatted ESP on my hard drive. Went into BIOS (version A14), switched boot mode to UEFI, and added boot entry for Cloverx64.efi. upon reboot, the laptop boots into Clover just fine, even using the theme i selected, but no bootable partitions are detected. I have Hfsplus.efi in the drivers64UEFI folder, and the whole EFI/Clover folder structure is identical to the one on my USB, which works. Any ideas what could be causing this issue?
  5. Ok, so thanks to this post I was actually able to get OS X to boot on the 5420. Thank Bob for that. I got the /Extra folder and the corrected DSDT.aml for the 1366 x 768 resolution. Then, I had an issue with the Installer wanting me to connect a bluetooth keyboard (prior to selecting the language), even though the built-in keyboard works (on Chameleon, anyway). Well, I disabled bluetooth in the BIOS, and it stopped doing that. However, after selecting the language, installer crashes and gives an error log. I managed to save it. It is attached. At this point, I'm lost. I dont know how to read Mac logs. I've become accustomed to Linux (minorly) but I'm primarily used Windows my whole life. I DO have OS X 10.9 on a Dell Optiplex 960, and it works good (installed using directions from http://tonycrapx86.org using his unifail installation method. Guess what, that doesn't work on these KP's out the wazoo). I've used both AHCI and ATA hard drive modes (neither had an effect on the outcome, either way). I dont know if there's other BIOS settings I need to alter. I'm hoping to overcome obstacles here with this post Any help is appreciated. Installer Log 30-Jan-2014.txt -----EDIT----- Ok, so OS X 10.9 is a go. Still haven't run EDP because there is not an EDP profile for the 5420. I have created a thread in the EDP subforum. Works: Built In Sound Sound hardware keys (Vol+, Vol-, Mute) Bluetooth Built in laptop monitor Built in keyboard (Fix Command/Apple key switch: System Preferences ==> Keyboard ==> Modifier Keys ==> change Command Key to Option Key, and Option key to Command Key. Thanks to npjohnson) Built in Mouse (as a mouse, not as a trackpad, no gestures) Function + Up/Down Arrow to adjust brightness Sleep/Suspend Middle mouse mini-joystick thingy that nobody ever uses Hardware Bluetooth/WiFi switch Internal Mic IEEE 1394 (Untested by me, but supported OOB, reported by npjohnson post 30) Does Not Work: Built In Ethernet (even with BCM57XX Kext) Built In Intel WiFi (obviously. Ordered Dell WiFi card and it worked without any further installation/configuration) HDMI Video Out HDMI Audio VGA Out Untested: SD Card slot Express Card (Reports of it working OOB on E6420, untested on E5420. I dont have any EC hardware ) ON A SIDE NOTE: 2 things I'd like to see fixed, but are in no way hindering operation: On integrated keyboard, ALT key is acting as Super (Apple Logo) key. Windows key (Super) is assumedly acting as ALT key, don't know the function of ALT on Macs, don't know how to test. Known fix? Integrated mouse trackpad does not seem to support gestures (my primary usage is for scrolling). Is there a known fix for this?
  6. What would I have to provide to get a supported EDP profile for the Latitude E5420? I have a working OS X 10.9 install going. Only thing not stock is the WiFi card (I have Dell Dw 1510 AGN Half Bcm4322).
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