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  1. Ok, generic /Extra was a surprising success. I've only had to to install one kext to get things working (but I'm sure there'll be more) and that was hnak's AppleIntelE1000e.kext v2.4.14 to get ethernet working. 'Bout to start running tests to see what's working.
  2. Deep sleep did not work , though I am not convinced it was a graphics issue, as Teamviewer didn't recognize that the device was online. I waited all of 5 minutes after hitting the power button (which was flashing, so it was asleep) and it didn't come up. idk about iMessage, but Messages app works. As far as multifail goes, I used the EasyBeast method in there. Not sure which kexts are included : / I'm about to build my MyHack USB installer, so lets see what happens
  3. I didn't use any self-injected kexts with unifail installation. Most things worked, but then again I have no idea what unifail injected. I didn't have an issue with no video after sleep, but I always disable sleep on my desktops. I've re-enabled it, will post updates. As to App Store woes, somebody on the tonycrap forums posted this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niU8tsQ_S8o and it actually works. Got that one nipped, anyway. (btw, no file was attached) I plan on Time Machining my desktop (just in case!) and building a MyHack installer, lets just see what this throws at me Will update OP with what works/doesn't based on my E5420. Some things will be different, will shift fire as they come up. Thanks for the help! ----EDIT---- Sleep appears to work. Don't know about deep sleep. Gonna go to sleep myself, let you know tomorrow
  4. Thanks Normally, I'd just power down my router for an hour and get a new IP, but I'm on static because I run a web server.
  5. Thanks about the heads up on FireWire Mini. OP Updated. I haven't tested the EC slot, and wont be able to. I dont have any devices to plug into it Nor is it a big deal for me one way or another, as I dont ever see myself needing additional eSata or USB ports, or a CAC reader. Seems to be the only devices I can find for EC/54 See attached for the kext used. Apparently, in my attempt to fix my sound issues on my Opti 960 with OS X, I have achieved the maximum number of downloads allowed BCM5722D.kext.zip
  6. -----EDIT----- Using generic /Extra folder on MyHack, here's what works and doesn't. Will upload entire package once everything's fixed. Updated output of lspci -nn (trimmed this time). Notice it recogizes the ATI card for what it actually is actually, it recognizes everything, but still no sound Works: Just about everything not listed below, that I can think of. Give me ideas of what to test. Ethernet (using hnak's AppleIntelE100e v2.4.14 kext) Light sleep App Store/iMessage/iTunes login (with instructions from here) Does Not Work: Integrated Sound HDMI sound Deep Sleep Untested: ? Send me things to test? -----END EDIT----- Ok, so low and behold, I got the help of a few people on this site and WOW I finally got Mavericks on my Latitude E5420. So, I'm hoping the fine people of OSXL can help me with another computer. My Dell Optiplex 960. I installed it via iFail method, but there are several things that don't work (sound, especially through HDMI on my AMD Radeon HD 6670, and Apple Store login, to be specific). Specs (via lspci): Additionally, any advice on building a boot pack by myself would be greatly appreciated. I don't really know how to even begin wading through all the /E files that it requires....
  7. Thanks for this! I was expecting many, many more hours of Googling before asking for assistance this detailed! I will certainly attend to this as soon as I am able to. Homework calls, and as of right now I am procrastinating! When running lspci -nn in terminal: 0a:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5761 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe [14e4:1681] (rev 10) Yes, closing the lid will make the computer enter sleep mode, opening the lid will bring the screen to life (most of the time. When it does not, I'm assuming that's deep sleep?). I am assuming Deep Sleep functions properly, as if I leave it alone for too long, I have to press the power button opposed to just hitting space, but it always is prompting for login within a second of hitting power (no BIOS/Chameleon loader), but to be honest I don't know how to respond, as I don't know how to test. I was mistaken, not PCI, ExpressCard. The slot above the SD card slot. FireWire Mine has a FireWire mini port on it. Internal Mic does indeed work. Updating OP with this after this. Does not have integrated webcam. Questions are no problem at all! You're the one helping me You have a great one as well
  8. What would I have to provide to get a supported EDP profile for the Latitude E5420? I have a working OS X 10.9 install going. Only thing not stock is the WiFi card (I have Dell Dw 1510 AGN Half Bcm4322).
  9. Ok, so wifi now works. I am posting on my E5420 Hackintosh OSXL with 10.9.1. What all do I need to test for compatibility before submitting the /Extra folder that I used? Includes the modified DSDT.aml Works: Built In Sound Sound hardware keys (Vol+, Vol-, Mute) BlueTooth Built in laptop monitor Built in keyboard Built in Mouse (as a mouse, not as a trackpad, no gestures) Function + Up/Down Arrow to adjust brightness Sleep/Suspend Middle mouse mini-joystick thingy that nobody ever uses Hardware Bluetooth/WiFi switch Does Not Work: Built In Ethernet (even with BCM57XX Kext) Built In WiFi (obviously, ordered Dell WiFi card and worked without any further installation) Untested: HDMI Video Out HDMI Audio Out VGA Out SD Card slot PCI slot (No devices to test with) IEEE 1394 (No devices to test with) ON A SIDE NOTE: 2 things I'd like to see fixed, but are in no way hindering operation: On integrated keyboard, ALT key is acting as Super (Apple Logo) key. Windows key (Super) is assumedly acting as ALT key, don't know the function of ALT on Macs, don't know how to test. Known fix? Integrated mouse trackpad does not seem to support gestures (my primary usage is for scrolling). Is there a known fix for this?
  10. Well, all this is moot. I just ordered this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009VX418E Dell Dw 1510 AGN Half Bcm4322 Dual-band N Pci-e Card 802.11a/g/n. Supposedly has native OS X support out of the box without any hacks/kexts. So, do I just pop this in, boot like there's no tomorrow, and voila? I know that works in Windows and Linux I'm guessing that's what OOB stands for in this thread. Total was $22.48 after Express shipping, so it'll be here Friday at the latest.
  11. ok, -f fixed that. thanks! only thing missing is ethernet. the B57XX kext didn't work. I'm still dropping 40-60% of my packets. so confused.... ---edit--- By setting a static IP (along with DHCP reservation for the same IP with my MAC) and DNS and changing the MTU, I've managed to get the packet loss done to between 20% and 40% packet loss. It's very slow, but internet now works. Unfortunately, not enough for the EDP installer to be of any help. It creates an EDP folder in /Extra and places an EDP app in /Applications, but the /Extra/EDP folder is completely empty.
  12. Ok, now when booting from the HDD without any boot flags, it acts like it wants to boot, I get the white screen with black apple and the spinning logo, then the screen simply goes black and after a moment it goes to sleep. Press power to wake it up and it acts like it's trying to wake up for about 30 seconds, then back to sleep. Is there a way to disable sleep?
  13. Actually, I figured that part out myself I was so proud Unfortunately, 2 things wrong preventing me from achieving the Post Install with EDP. I have to Safeboot (-x flag) which prevents me from running MyHack app. Not safebooting results in a KP. I was able to boot the installation USB without Safeboot and ran MyFix and re-installed the /Extra folder to my hard drive, but that didn't help anything. Additionally, I installed the other Wifi NIC and the Broadcom kext, but my ethernet is bonkers and the wifi isn't even seen. Ethernet will not connect on DHCP and if I manually set it, it connects to the router, but drops 66% of the packets when I perform a ping to the gateway (my router). I can navigate to my gateway's IP in Safari and it actually prompts for credentials, but upon entering them it just sits and does nothing. Once again, any help is appreciated. I can troubleshoot Windows backwards and forwards, but on OS X I'm lost, and on unsupported hardware, I can get almost nowhere except on this site.
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