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[SOLVED] E5420 Sierra USB not working


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Hello again,


I have been using Sierra without issues until today when I tried (for first time after upgraded it) a USB drive and it wasn't detected by the system.


That was weird, so I started to try with different USB-things and I realized that, for example, my android phone was charging but not detected, the iPad was not even charging and all the usb drives weren't detected 


I used to have Mavericks before and I didn't have this issues... my current setup goes with A14 Bios, i3 and HD3000, 4 GB Ram, 250 SDD and 500 HDD.


Could you help me?



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I have been doing some research and seems like the sabios doesn't reference in some way to my usb ports... I haven't ha any issues before because I had been using Yosemite but now in Sierra all the USB ports are not working


Any help?

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