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  1. Pushed updated version with (some) support for v3, v4 Elan versions, as well as trackpoint and improved physical buttons support: https://github.com/BAndysc/VoodooPS2/releases/tag/0.2
  2. @Jake Lo, thanks for the interest. This kext is based on VoodooPS2, which had support for ALPS touchpad already. I haven't coded it. Therefore there should be no difference in your case for this kext and original https://github.com/acidanthera/VoodooPS2. Sadly the ALPS touchpad integration, doesn't emulate Magic Touchpad, therefore it doesn't support native macOS gestures, native scrolling and so on. It should be possible to add magic touchpad emulation for ALPS, but it is hard if the programmer doesn't have such touchpad, I am sorry but most likely I won't be able to h
  3. Hello Elan PS/2 touchpad users! SmartTouchpad kext was decent until Voodoo came with Magic Touchpad integration. Since then our friends with Synaptics PS/2 and I2C touchpads had much better support for their touchpads. Therefore, I have ported Elan support from Linux kernel into VoodooPS2 so that now Elan PS/2 touchpad can also emulate magic touchpad and it means it can support all native macOS gestures, including tools like BetterTouchTool! Why this is not included in VoodooPS2? Because the kext has to be tested first. It works well for me (asus laptop
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