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[Kext] VoodooPS2 support for Elan touchpad


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Hello Elan PS/2 touchpad users!


SmartTouchpad kext was decent until Voodoo came with Magic Touchpad integration. Since then our friends with Synaptics PS/2 and I2C touchpads had much better support for their touchpads.


Therefore, I have ported Elan support from Linux kernel into VoodooPS2 so that now Elan PS/2 touchpad can also emulate magic touchpad and it means it can support all native macOS gestures, including tools like BetterTouchTool!


Why this is not included in VoodooPS2?

Because the kext has to be tested first. It works well for me (asus laptop), but I would like to hear feedback from more users, from more devices. Both if it works and if it doesn't. Once it is confirmed the kext works well, it might be merged into VoodooPS2 main project.


What should work?

Actually, everything. Basic touch, two finger scroll, multitouch, three and more fingers gestures, apple touchpad settings panel - everything.


How to install:

Just like normal VoodooPS2 controller - just copy the kext to Clover/OC (and add appropriate entries to OC config in case you use OpenCore). If you already have VoodooPS2 controller - just replace the file with this release.


Download: https://github.com/BAndysc/VoodooPS2/releases


Special thanks to: Kishor Prins and whole Voodoo Input team

Please leave feedback even if it works, it will help me to merge it into official Voodoo PS2.


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Hi @Bandysc


1st, thanks for developing this kexts. I'm sure it'll help a lot of people that have Elantouch PS2 touchpad.

I don't have any system that has Elan touchpad, but I do have systems with Alps touchpad and your kexts works quite well. Although it doesn't detect the touchpad as a touchpad in system preferences, it does work as a mouse. I have 2 fingers scrolling up and down with inertia, tap to drag, 2 fingers right click, but side scrolling is not working, but that's ok.

The track stick (trackpoint - whatever you want to call it) also works as a mouse but the middle button doesn't work to allow scrolling. So I use a 3rd party app call SmartScroll and that worked wonderfully. It allow scrolling up, down, left right with Inertia as well. The only I have problem is tracking speed for the track stick.

In the Mouse preference pane I increased it to the max and it's acceptable but I won't if there's a setting that could make it better.

Actually what I really mean is that I have to put a little more pressure to make it go faster. Is there a way to make it more sensitive for the track stick?

Previously I've been using another kext that have the exact functions as your kext but the track stick is very smooth, no need to put too much pressure to move the track stick around. The only issue with that kext is the CapsLock. It enables with 1 tap but 3 taps to disable. 


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@Jake Lo, thanks for the interest. This kext is based on VoodooPS2, which had support for ALPS touchpad already. I haven't coded it. Therefore there should be no difference in your case for this kext and original https://github.com/acidanthera/VoodooPS2.


Sadly the ALPS touchpad integration, doesn't emulate Magic Touchpad, therefore it doesn't support native macOS gestures, native scrolling and so on.


It should be possible to add magic touchpad emulation for ALPS, but it is hard if the programmer doesn't have such touchpad, I am sorry but most likely I won't be able to help you :(

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tried the latest version on my elan touchpad for lenovo y50. its detected but has some issues

  • single tap or click only works after i log in
  • 2 finger scrolling makes the touchpad wonky and cursor immediately goes to a corner (when trying to zoom or act as right click)

can you also push a new update as the original author made changes to voodoo input

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Hi everyone, and lotttsss of thanks to @Bandysc for your work !

I've been using and tweaking ApplePS2SmartTouchpad for hours, during years to work with my Elan V3 Hardware in my Thinkpad L530. 

Your kext freshly installed works better (not just the real gestures, mostly pointing and scrolling) , and even better after some tweaking of the info.plist inside of the trackpad kext, it's way above any of my expectations for this shitty hardware.

I'll have access to another hackintosh with some elan hardware, if you need some help for testing I would gladly help.

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