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[Kext] VoodooPS2 support for Elan touchpad

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ur kext seems to have solved the problem for 2 finger recognization, it does not move the cursor to the corner of screen anymore


but scrolling still does not work and 3 fingers are now doing what fingers did


still smoother


 will try messing with the settings to see what else can be fixed til i hear from the dev


people with other lenovo laptops from my generation seem to have the same issue


i think mine is elan v3 but i will check to be sure

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Hello Elan PS/2 touchpad users!   SmartTouchpad kext was decent until Voodoo came with Magic Touchpad integration. Since then our friends with Synaptics PS/2 and I2C touchpads had much bette

Pushed updated version with (some) support for v3, v4 Elan versions, as well as trackpoint and improved physical buttons support: https://github.com/BAndysc/VoodooPS2/releases/tag/0.2

If it is indeed V3, it supports up to 3 but not 4 fingers I think. Windows could show you that, but also, ApplePS2smart booting on verbose will tell you which Elan model it is. (I don't know if Voodoo will do that as well)

It is normal that my version of the .plist does not work fine for you : different hardware.
it might be close (is it an ivy bridge laptop ?) but most of the time the hardware is different on Thinkpads vs non-pro Lenovo models.

2f scrolling is quite okay for me. I would say better than with windows, but I haven't used windows on this laptop for months, maybe years.

3 fingers gestures work fine, but I will probably try to lower the resolution because detection isn't perfect. (not much room for 3 fingers on this trackpad, that's why). I don't really care for the rest of gestures tbh

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