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[Kext] VoodooPS2 support for Elan touchpad

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@zaq1xcvb Hello! Did you have to patch SMBUS via ssdt (I'm assuming something like https://dortania.github.io/Getting-Started-With-ACPI/Universal/smbus-methods/manual.html#edits-to-the-sample-ssdt ) in order for VoodooSMBUS to work?


I have elan0630, and currently, SMBUS doesn't seem to activate (if it even has it at all) when checking IOReg through Bandysc's SMBUS checking procedure.

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Hello Elan PS/2 touchpad users!   SmartTouchpad kext was decent until Voodoo came with Magic Touchpad integration. Since then our friends with Synaptics PS/2 and I2C touchpads had much bette

Pushed updated version with (some) support for v3, v4 Elan versions, as well as trackpoint and improved physical buttons support: https://github.com/BAndysc/VoodooPS2/releases/tag/0.2

Hi Jake, used the IOReg from the one you linked in the previous page.


Catalina, OC 0.5.9

I haven't patched SMBUS though via SSDT though, and I'm not sure if that's gonna affect my IOReg output


Edit: Forgot to answer your question

It is an elan ps2 touchpad, but I'm not sure if there's an SMBUS connection I can hook into.

The gdrive link with the jumping cursor upon gestures is my video which I posted on reddit.


Edit 2: I've tried all 4 kext versions. V1 actually works well for my gestures ! I didn't patch smbus or anything. Since my touchpad is elan V4 touchpad, I believe something was added in the version 2 of the kext, probably about accommodating v3 touchpads.

Benedict’s MacBook Air.ioreg

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