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  1. spidey123

    Booting taking almost 40 seconds on Mojave

    So I was unable to get the machine to boot up faster than this. Apparently I've read on other forums, that it is quite common. The extra 10-15 seconds is actually not so bad compared to others who are booting up in minutes rather than seconds. Overall though I've very happy with MojaveOS. It's brought my Inspiron 3542 back from the dead.
  2. spidey123

    Booting taking almost 40 seconds on Mojave

    Unfortunately I got the same result. But that's ok. Once it boots up its pretty quick. Maybe my config.plist needs updating? Thanks Jake Lo. P.s. Updated to Rehabman's newest config and still got the same result. Going to experiment with DDST and SSDT files this weekend and report my results at some point next week.
  3. spidey123

    Booting taking almost 40 seconds on Mojave

    OK will give that a shot. Thanks Jake Lo
  4. spidey123

    Booting taking almost 40 seconds on Mojave

    Ok, no problem. Here it is Jake Lo. I've only removed my serial info from the config file. If you can be of assistance that would be great. Clover Version 4674 Thanks as always
  5. spidey123

    Booting taking almost 40 seconds on Mojave

    So it gets to this point then it starts to boot but it shows a blank screen for about 10 seconds then continues to boot. The last lines I see before it switches over are the NFTS lines as shown in the pic.
  6. spidey123

    Booting taking almost 40 seconds on Mojave

    Ok, will try that tonight when I get home from work. Thanks Herve.
  7. Hi guys. Well after a long while I decided to pull out my Dell Inspiron 3542 that I have barely used since I switched to Sierra, mostly because the system would constantly hang and crash on some sites and when the Video ads came on, even with the Lilu.kext, GraphicsFixUp and Shiki. So I decided to take the plunge to Mojave to see if it would work better. To my surprise it does. It works much better. I'm up and running. The only issue I have left to solve is my boot up that seems to take 40 seconds using SSD. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  8. Oh ok, yes that is a good idea. I wiil attach the 4 UEFI Drivers. I;ve also found that leaving out FSInject-64 actually still allows the computer to boot. So that might now be needed anymore. Drivers64UEFI.zip
  9. Ok so I can now confirm, the laptop is booting fine again. Looks like the latest versions of Clover auto install additional UEFI drivers that don't mess well with this verison of E6420. I slowly removed them one by one till I had just the basics needed and it has worked without a hitch ever since. Not sure if you want to leave this post up for others in the future or not, but I believe the issue has now been resolved. Thanks for the suggestions Jake Lo and Herve.
  10. Oh wow, so after looking at my Clover install I noticed that the newest version of Clover seems to auto install a bunch of Drivers64Uefi Drivers. It never use to do that in the past. So, I reinstalled and added just the Drivers64Uefi I have always used since the very beginning. After that Viola, the Apple Loading Bar reappeared and everything boots up quickly and properly again. I will keep testing though tonight. But It appears that the latest version of Clover messed up and added too many Drivers64Uefi. So i think all is resolved now. However, I'm going to test to make sure all works perfectly over the next day or so and then leave my findings on this thread. If everything is good then I know for sure that Clover added files I didn't need which messed up how it boots up.. Thanks again guys.
  11. Already tried rebuilding cache and it did not work. Have a feeling it might have to do with my sdcard kext. Well I ran the debug generator. Not sure if it dumped properly or not, which Is why I labeled it 'maybe failed". If not I will try again. I was missing some sort of developer tool. But while it was installing my computer rebooted, I'm assuming it had something to do with the script that was running. Anyhow will check back in a little later. Please let me know if i need to rerun. Thanks guys. P.s Removed the earlier files as I think there was something wrong with them. Going to try the debug script again tonight and repost.
  12. Hi guys, been a long while since I've had any issues with my e6420. However, just the other day I took the latest security patch/update and updated Clover to the latest as well. Now it takes about 10 seconds longer to boot the Apple loading bar only appears for a split second just before the loading is fully complete. To make matters worse, everytime I turn off my computer and then go to turn it on a few hours later, it never boots up the first time, the computer then restarts and it boots up. This only starting happening after this week's security update. Do I need to update some Kext's or my config? Using Clover 4586. I'm thinking I might have to update a kext or that there is something in my config that needs to be modified, after the update.
  13. Yup that did the trick. Issue resolved. Thanks Jake Lo.
  14. ok ill try that out thanks Jake Lo
  15. Hi guys, been a while since I used my Inspiron 3540. It was currently at 10.12.6 Sierra but this morning I tried to install the latest security patch from a few weeks ago and after that my computer wouldn't boot anymore. I removed all kexts one by one in the "Other" folder and once I removed Shiki and Lilu kext it booted, but after about 30 seconds it reboots. I installed the lastest Clover as well but still no difference. I've now gone back to a previous backup from last year 10.12.2. Does my config need updating possibly? I've attached it, if someone could check it out that would be great. Thank you. P.s I also updated to the latest FakeSMC.kext to see if that made a difference and it didn't unfortunately. Would like to go back to the lastest version of Sierra else I will try to go to High Sierra and test how that works. config.plist.zip