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  1. Yes, you're correct. I hated always reinstalling the kext after each update. Much better like this. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I just took the latest update for Catalina and lost my sound, which is normal until I reinstall my AppleHDA.kext, but even after re-installing my custom AppleHDA.kext (I have done this for the past two years) and installing the newest Lilu and Whatevergreen Kexts. I still cannot get sound. First time this has ever happened. Sound was perfect on Catalina 10.15.4 Did the update change the way sound kext work? Update. I reinstalled Vanilla AppleHDA 10.15.5 and added latest AppleALC to /EFi/Clover/Kexts/ and all is well again. I guess I missed that you didnt need a custom AppleHDA kext anymore. Probably been that way for a long time.
  3. Just upgraded to Catalina from Mojave and all is well except for sound. Seems Catalina security is stronger. In Mojave and previous versions I had patched my own AppleHDA.kext that I would install into /S/L/E each time. However It doesn't allow me to install that kext into /S/L/E anymore or any other kexts for that matter, is there any way to allow a modified kext to be installed into /S/L/E? Ok thanks Jake Lo. Couldnt reply for some reason.
  4. So you fixed the issue? I'm just asking because I had the exact same issues in High Sierra but never ever resolved it. Tried a ton of things just like you. Nothing worked.
  5. Thanks for the reply Herve. Ok well then I must have done something wrong when creating the Windows 10 image for the usb. This was exactly what i did yesterday and then Windows wouldn't allow me to install on the Partition I created. I guess I can give it another shot. What do you recommend for creating the USB image of Windows. I used Rufus. Maybe there is a better solution?
  6. Hello everyone, so I have a 500GB SSD that I've been running macOS Mojave. Now the drive partition is set-up as APFS, can I still shrink the drive by 50-60 Gigabytes and then Install Windows 10? I tried earlier but I messed up severely. I used Rufus with WIN10.iso and it wouldn't allow me to install Windows on the Partition I created in OSX. In OSX I created a FAT32 parition for Windows. That didnt work and apparently your not suppose to do that in Disk Utility as it will mess up your drive. I didn't know that but now I know. Anyhow. I then formatted it as Mac OS Journaled and that also failed to allow WIN 10 installation. So I couldn't get Windows to install for some reason. To make things worse the EFI partition got corrupted and I could only boot OSX with my USB. I did end up fixing that with I believe (as I dont know for sure) using diskutil reformat. Then Clover finally reinstalled. So basically I'm back where I started and now I just need to figure out what type of Partition I need to create for Windows after Shrinking my APFS os partition down to allow for a second Partition. Maybe EXfat?
  7. Hi guys, I made a terrible mistake this morning. I needed to get Windows on my SSD drive again. So I reparitioned my APFS volume and allocated 50 GB from the drive to Windows (Fat 32 format). I then tried to install WIndows. But it failed. When I tried to Boot back to MAC OS, Clover wasnt there anymore. Luckily I have my USB Key that I use to boot, so I was able to boot up via the USB. I then tried to reinstall Clover to my SSD but it keeps saying "Installation Failed" I haven't come across this issue before. ANy idea's how I can get Clover to reinstall on my SSD drive? Thanks. Also need to figure out how I can install Windows. But first I need to fix this issue. Update: after some research, it looks like trying to install Windows damaged the EFI partition. I tried everything and every partition mounting app possible but nothing. Then I decided to try diskUtil reformat disk0s1. Rebooted tried installing Clover again and Viola it worked. So I'm back up and running. Unfortunately I still have no Windows. For some reason it will not allow me to install it. I will start another thread for that. So the team can either leave this one up as [solved] or delete it.
  8. I forgot to mention Herve, I had originally tried that but graphics only work if you place those files into /S/L/E
  9. So I patched my system and I'm using a macbookpro8,1 smbios again. Booting up again, still no internal speaker sound even though it shows up. Headset and HDMI works fine. Overall, about the same as with the MacBookAir Smbios but maybe a bit better on battery life. Will keep trying to figure out how to get sound using the AppleALC.kext, Lilu and Whatevergreen. I tried installing them into /L/E/ Rather than /EFI/Clover/Kexts Same result. But I have a separate thread for that.
  10. Hi Herve, I'm not too sure on how to do this. Yes, I had added my 5 HD3000 kexts from High Sierra into /S/L/E. ( I will remove and place into /L/E instead to see if that makes any difference. It's strange, it was all working fine on 10.14.1 (except for speaker sound) Headphones and HDMI sound was perfect. Thanks Herve.
  11. Unfortunately same result. Any other things I could try to do? Thanks
  12. Good morning to all. Just updated from 10.14.1 to 10.14.2 on Dell e6420 using the same MacbookAir 5,1 SMBiOS that allowed me to use my old dell with 10.14 and 10.14.1 but ever since the update today to 10.14.2 the only way I can boot is in safe mode, then in safe mode I have to rebuild cache and restart. The first time it boots properly again but if I restart again, I get the same issue, half way thru booting the screen turns black and the computer restarts over and over i.e. It never fully boots up. I'm thinking maybe I need a config or kext update? I also updated Clover to the latest but still same result. Another thing is maybe I need to place my older High Sierra HD3000 kexts into /L/E rather than /S/L/E I have attached my new debug files. Any suggestions guys??? Thanks as always. debug_29949.zip
  13. So I have a live dvd or linux mint, booted it and tested my speakers and they work on Linux. I tried to run that command to dump the codec onto the linux mint desktop but since I'm running Linux Mint from a DVD I could not create any folders but I did get the two Codec Files from the asound folder. Hopefully this is all you need codecs.zip I do have the entire asound folder copied to USB, but in the past those were the only ones I needed. If you need other files please let me know. Thanks so much.
  14. Ok I will do that tonight. Thanks again for your help.
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