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  1. ok...solved... redoing the OS X install i got the kext 4.2 working, but not the scrolling...same as krlos above. touching the scrolling speed my scrolling starts working.
  2. hi! i got a problem with the ex on my acer s3 951 elan v4 and yosemite. trackpad work as a mouse without kext and not working with kext installed. it says "no trackpad detected". any help please... tks
  3. hi! I'm on 10.8.5 on my S3 and your kext wont work anymore. basically touchpad works as a mouse and in settings ive no touchpad detected. any suggestion? or its a known issue? thx!
  4. installed in S/L/E. now its working! Acer Aspire S3 i5 Core i5Intel i5-2467M / 1.6 GHz Memory4 GB Hard Drive240 GB OSX10.8.2 thx!!!
  5. maybe it's me...but also with the new kext my touchpad isnt working at all...i can use external mouse but not the touchpad. also...after sleeping my keyboard no more working. if its me, can someone tell the exact procedure to install? i deleted the kext mentioned on driver thread and installed the new one with kext wizard in extra and repaired permissions... thx!
  6. i'm sorry but v4 drivers are not working for me on my Acer S3 i5. after installation (extra/extensions) my trackpad is totally unresponsive... it's me doing something wrong? Ive deleted from extra/extensions applePS2controller and appleACPIPS2nub. I have not other kext (ps2 keyboard)... any help will be appreciated... thx for your work!
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