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  1. First and second items was IOService. Mr.Hyde’s Mac Pro.zip
  2. Honestly, i don't know what are these and what should i do?! http://www.rampagedev.com/?page_id=82&page=5 I extracted DSDT.aml with DSDT Editor and now, what should i do?! Do you wanna see my Device DSDT.aml?
  3. No problem, but what can i do now?! Is there any tricks, kext,... i don't know, should i continue with this situation?! Inserted charger cable and works!?
  4. I boot into mac with GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v -f boot flags, and it's a little speedy, but i could see these: Failed to load kext com.apple.AMDRadeonX4000 Failed to load kext com.apple.iokit.IOHDAFamily Failed to load kext com.apple.AppleHDAContorller And now get stuck in [iOBluetoothHCIController::setConfigState] Calling registerService. Although when i can boot with GraphicsEnabler=No, i can use bluetooth device and connect to devices!
  5. How to check/setup suitable CPU power management?! Is that on Mac OS side?!
  6. Hi, I have a ML 10.8.3, with device specification in signature. My battery in normal situation keep on laptop about 3h. But in ML, if i don't put charger cable into device, less than 30m.
  7. Hi, I have a ML 10.8.3, with device specification in signature. This is my org.chameleon.Boot.plist: This is system report: How can increase graphics memory, defined whole my graphic card?
  8. Problem solved. Thank you so much Hervé. i didn't remove SmartTouchPad, but install usb 3 legacy and some other stuff, and now my wired USB mouse working. And in Trackpad, in System Preferences, double click problem solved. And now i have some other problems like Audio and network and ONLY 3MB Graphics memory, that should search more and even make e new topic for them. Thanks.
  9. I got a quote from Elan developer, that how install Ok, thank you for your detailed explanation. I installed SmartTouchPad kext and problem solved pretty much; Wired USB mouse does not work, but trackpad worked, but double touch on pad does not acted, and i should click hard buttons for right and left click. (i readed somewhere that double click has a config in mac os x to enable it, b I'll install Elan kext. let's see what's happening...
  10. I don't get it! "them" means which ones and placed them where?! First remove AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext from /System/Library/Extensions & /Extra/Extensions & /System/Extensions/Library/myHack.kext/Contents/Plugins/ , then put Elan.kext into /Extra/Extensions/ , then run myHack-myFix(quick) ? Is that right? By the way, before doing above steps, and with previous AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext, when i using -f -v USBBusFix=Yes boot flags, it get stuck in: (my point is more about above lines, not bluetooth error, yet) :
  11. AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext that were in myHack USB/Extra/Extensions/ path, are in Mac Partition/Extra/Extensions/ path, before. So what can i do now?! What's your opinion about removing these kext and install Elan Touch Pad Kext 3.8.5 OR SmartTouchPad_v4.2_Final ? If you say yes, should i remove those from this paths? /System/Library/Extensions /Extra/Extensions /System/Extensions/Library/myHack.kext/Contents/Plugins/ And another question: Why number of kext in myHack USb/Extra/Extensions is not equal and more than number of kext that are in Mac Partition/Extra/Extensions ?
  12. This is my machine specification: System: Asus N56DP UltraBook (Chameleon) CPU: AMD A10-4600M 2.3Ghz Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7660G + HD 7730M Dual Graphics, 1366x768 I installed Mountain Lion 10.8.3 on a MBR partition via myHack 3.3.1, using GraphicsEnabler=No boot flag, with patched amd kernel (mach_10.8.3_fixed_rc4), with installing Generic Extra,Chameleon and removing 3 kexts that recommended by myHack { 1) " ApplePolicyControl.kext " Causes Kernel Panic on many systems Unless on non apple computer. Strongly Recommended Remove It. 2) " AppleTyMCEDriver.kext " Causes KP on system identified as Mac Pro 4,1 or 5,1 in smbios.plist. Recommended that you Remove It. 3) " AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext " Causes Extremely Sluggish mouse and User Interface on many systems with NVIDIA Gfx . It is strongly Recommended that U remove this Kext. } I used another amd kernels too but they didn't work for me; like: AMD FX Kernel 10.8.x AMD Kernel 10.8.x Bronya_10.8_kernel_RC5 I have installed Windows 7 with Paragorn HFS+, so i can see and copy/paste in Mac partition. After OS X installation completed, i logged in windows 7 and copy used amd kernel into Mac partition, then restart and log in OS X with -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No boot flag, and now i can see Welcome and choose language screen , But my usb mouse and trackpad does not worked! But during installation os x, my mouse worked, but trackpad does not. Should i install used kexts before boot into Mac Os X?! (via boot into myHack USB and using terminal and some command stuff that i don't know exactly)
  13. I don't know what is Combo Update and how to do that, but thank you for your recommend. For kext installation, is it possible to copy kext folder and paste it on Mac partition/System/Library/Extensions/ ? ( All of these works in windows 7, cause i installed Paragorn HFS+ and can see HFS partitions )
  14. Ok, so just -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No seems needed. I think so; after myHack process on USB ended, i saw AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext & ApplePS2Controller.kext in it's Extra folder. But if you want i can double check it with boot to myHack USB and go to terminal and list all kext that are in /System/Library/Extensions/
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