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  1. Ok thanks, that worked ! I managed to make it work. It was my DSDT that was not ok. I corrected it and now the Fn kext works correctly. Adi
  2. Hi Dinesh, Can you implement Keyboard Backlight control as well since your Fn key kext driver doesn't work for me for some reason even after the DSDT edits.. I have an ASUS UX31A with 1.9Ghz Core i7. Thanks, Adi
  3. Does the new 1.4 version also work on Zenbook laptops ? Thx, Adi
  4. Sorry to be a little pest, but any news ? Thx Adi
  5. Here is my System.log file. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you, Adi EDIT : while searching for ASUS in my All Messages System Log Quesries in the Console, i found this message : 5/4/13 2:28:57.968 PM com.apple.kextd[12]: Kext id com.apple.AsusNBWMI not found; removing personalities from kernel. Does that mean that the extension is not properly installed ? system.log.zip
  6. Ya that's the weird part. I was using chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) as a bootloader at that time and I just loaded up the kext for the UX series laptops and right away I noticed that the Mute, and volume Up and Down shortcuts were working great with the OS X animation ! I then changed the bootloader to Clover and edited my DSDT in order to get the other keys working and all of a sudden none of the FN key combinations work anymore.. Is there any way I can debug this ? I mean DSDT edits or not, the Volume Fn shortcuts should still work, no ? Thank you for your help, Adi
  7. I appreciate the update, but can anyone at least confirm that the edits that I did to my DSDT are ok ? I would like to at least rule out this possibility.. Thank you, Adi
  8. Nothing is working for me either.. It worked the first time after I installed the kext but now nothing.. UX31A with patched DSDT and the UX31A specific kext installed.. Can you have a look and let me know if my DSDT is patched correctly ? Thank you, AdiDSDT.aml.zip
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