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  1. @ervinke2 I feel like I've tried every version of VoodooHDA from 2.8.4 on. :-/ I'd understand if no output devices showed up in the control panel. It's just bizarre to me that the speakers show up as an available option, there's just nothing coming out from them. I even tried re-installing on a different HDD, using a different copy of the Mavericks installer, and got the same results with regard to sound.
  2. So, I've hit a wall with my attempts to patch my kext. I've got the corrected verbs (I think), but the PathMaps are a bit confusing to me. I'll attach the corrected verbs, the entire codec dump, the original AppleHDA.kext, and my DSDT. Hopefully someone else will have some insight or advice? eta: I'm currently on 10.9.5, but I installed from a 10.9.4 image. Archive.zip
  3. Oh boy. That's going to be fun. I'll let you know when there's an update. Hopefully someone else will see this and know of a patched kext.
  4. Still not working. I used 2.8.7 from the link you provided, installed it, ran the quick fix with myFix. Also edited the info.plist file the same way you suggested before and repeated the quick fix. It's weird because it see that the speakers are there, it just doesn't send anything out to them. I even booted off of a live Ubuntu CD just to test to see that they worked, and sure enough everything was fine.
  5. Still no joy after making the changes and running myHack -> myFix (quick). Here's the info.plist as it stands now:
  6. Now, that I've got the HDADisabler kext sorted, which info.plist should I be updating?
  7. Hmm, no change after changing the voodooHDA.kext. Looks like I'll have to muck about the info.plist. Also, I'm getting the attached error about AppleHDADisabler.kext. Should I just use kextwizard to replace it with the one from my install USB? Edited to add the attachment. Extension.tiff
  8. First post, please forgive me for any errors of omission. I currently have a Inspiron 1420/Vostro 1400 with Nvidia graphics running Mavericks 10.9.4. It's totally stable with no kernel panics, but there's one hitch: I don't get any sound from my onboard speakers. If I plug in my headphones, I hear everything loud and clear. I'm reluctant to tinker when everything is so stable, but I also don't want to stop when I'm 99% of the way there. Here's the steps/specifics of my install: I created a bootable USB using the most recent version of myHack, a copy of the 10.9.4 installation app, and the D630 Nvidia Bootpack. The installation went smoothly, but slowly. Since I had some time on my hands, I came back here and stumbled across Axel-Erfurt's amazing thread for D630's with Nvidia graphics. I didn't want to stop an installation that seemed to be proceeding smoothly, so I copied the Extra folder from his D630 Installer and his D630InstallerPost.zip to a second USB Drive. After the installation was completed and I was at the desktop, I plugged in the second USB and ran myHack -> install extra, and used the Extra File copied from the D630 Installer. Ran the D630InstallerPost.zip & restarted. Post restart, I found that I had everything except for sound. So, I downloaded and installed the VoodooHDA_V286_MAV.pkg from sourceforge. It's currently in S/L/E. That got me sound through the headphone jack, but still nothing from speakers. I've thought about copying the VoodooHDA.kext from the D630 Installer into S/L/E, but because it's stable I didn't want to tinker without knowing what would happen.
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