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  1. Hi Krzysztofc10 I followed your guide and got everything working except iMessage. I have 2 profiles on my Hackintosh. When I log into iMessage on mine, it works but unable to login to iMessage on the other profile with my daughters account although I can with mine. Is this an account issue with Apple or an iMessage problem on the Hackintosh?
  2. Thanks Jake and Bronxteck that did the trick.
  3. Hi Herve I'm not sure what you mean. As I said, my experience with Hackintosh is very new but am learning fast!! I have seen many mentions of DSDT online but when I built my laptop, I did not have a file like this. I simply installed Yosemite with Clover Bootloader in the hidden EFI partition and applied a number of kext files to ensure the laptop booted and that all hardware functions correctly. I went into Clover Configurator and made some minor changes related to SMBIOS and that's it. My procedure did not use a DSDT file and I'm not sure what this does. Sorry for lack of experie
  4. I can try that. I have installed the EFI update 5 times now to try and get rid of it. I would really like to see this disappear so that with future updates, I can select 'update all'. Otherwise I will have to select each one individually. If there is a way, I'd love to know. Thanks
  5. Yes it seems I do have the E-Port Plus docking station. So to patch the vanilla SNB Framebuffer file, is it a case of just doing a search and replace within the kext file? search 02 05 00 00 00 04 00 00 07 00 00 00 replace 02 05 00 00 00 08 00 00 06 00 00 00 If it works, this will give me both DVI outputs and HDMI.
  6. Hi I am having an issue with my newly built Yosemite Hackintosh on my E6320. The SMBIOS is configured for MacBook Pro 8,1. There were some recent updates from the AppStore which I have applied, and in error, I also applied the MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Software Update 2.7 update. Luckily, everything is still working fine but the AppStore is still showing this update as an available one. It also shows in the Installed Updates section (not sure how this worked). Does anyone know how to remove the available update? I tried to hide the update in the AppStore app but this did not
  7. Hello I have a Dell E6320 with Yosemite 10.10.4 installed with the Clover Bootloader. Everything is mostly working with the exception of the built in Webcam. In system information, I have the following:- Laptop_Integrated_Webcam_HD: Model ID: UVC Camera VendorID_3141 ProductID_25651 Unique ID: 0x1a1500000c456433 Based on this, it seems to be recognised but in the Facetime and Image Capture apps, the webcam is not recognised. Does anyone know how to fix this? Perhaps there is a kext I need to apply? Thanks
  8. Hi Herve I tried the new patch which worked for the most part. As you mentioned, one DVI output worked from the Docking Station and when undocked, the VGA also worked. I didn't try HDMI as yet as I don't have the correct cable. The only problem using this patch kext is that if you boot the laptop on the dock, although the external monitor shows the boot up, the screen goes blank after it's booted. The only way I could use this was to boot up first, then dock it. For now, I have had to restore the vanilla kext so that the laptop boots docked with no issues and that both external mon
  9. Thanks for your work on this Herve!! I tried the patched kext. Both DVI's worked when docked but the VGA did not when undocked. Can't try HDMI yet but will do when I get home. Not sure why this is and I have not got the skills to patch this file. Can you guide me through identifying what line each port is for? Otherwise, maybe you could patch a few files for each scenario if it's not too much trouble. Would love to have DVI, VGA and HDMI working!! Thanks
  10. Hi again Herve After keeping the laptop undocked, I plugged in a VGA cable and was able to use the external monitor so it's just the DVI's that are not working. What I then did was retrieve the AppleIntelSNBGraphics.kext file from the OS X Base System (the vanilla one I assume) and overwrote the patched VGA copy. The result is that both DVI outputs are now working from the Docking Station. Everything is now resolved, even Bluetooth (except iPhone 6 is not supported) which is why I thought BT wasn't working at all. I just need to buy a compatible Wi-Fi card as I understand the I
  11. I now have sleep working by changing the hibernation mode to 0. Thanks Hervé. I'm a newbie with hackintosh. Now when I dock the laptop, I no longer get the panic error messages and it does now boot into Yosemite. The external monitor connected to the dock shows the boot process but as soon as the laptop gets to the login screen, the monitor turns off. If I boot up the laptop standalone, and then dock it, the screens still don't show anything, I have installed the AppleIntelSNBGraphics.kext file you mentioned.
  12. Also, when I undock the laptop and plug in a VGA cable, then press Fn+F8, I get the same screen distortion. I assume this is a graphics resolution problem as my laptop screen is 1366 x 768 whereas my monitor is 1920 x 1080. I also have 2 other problems: 1. Bluetooth is on but not pairing. 2. Sleep works but it won't come out of sleep and all I get is a blank screen. I would appreciate some help with these 3 problems and then my system will be 100% working. Thanks
  13. After further attempts and disabling the com port in the BIOS, I managed to boot to Yosemite on the Docking Station but only with the laptop lid open. When I press Fn+F8 to enable the monitors (connected via DVI), the screen then distorts. So the issue isn't quite resolved. Any other ideas please?
  14. Hello I have successfully installed Yosemite 10.10.4 on my E6320 laptop. It boots fine on it's own but when docked on the Port Replicator, I am getting a panic during boot up. I have tried the chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) and Clover boot loaders both having the same problems. Please help
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