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  1. Sorry for later reply, been away from computer so busy with work. Yes managed to get HDMI working as well, but it was kind of a bit picky. Would not connect to a normal 1080P display without fiddling with the control panel display resolution. I would for example have to choose 1600x900 and then it would pick up. But its small price to pay
  2. Hi Jake Thank you so much, if it was not for your guidance about the device id's i would have still been going in circles. I managed to fix it all. The trick was to do as you advised but also to NOT use WhateverGreen. When I used that I would get instability. I switched back to the old way of using CoreFixUp and IntelGfxFIxup and injected a correct EDID. The EDID I had extracted was actually flaky and causing issues too. I then used DarwinDumper to extract the proper EDID and injected it. And voila !
  3. Wow that helped huge amount thank you, its progressed now The screen image is stable now, but it auto reboots afters few seconds or when I launch any graphics aspect such as CineBench. It is definitely the graphics doing it, as when I launch with non QE/CI system is 100% stable. Is there anything that I can check or change, or any idea what part of the framebuffer or graphics could be doing this ? Btw is there a specific framebuffer you would recommend and is it better to use WhateverGreen or the old school IntelGraphicsFixup with CoreDisplayFixUp ? Thank you
  4. Ah no it was only set temporarily during the boot I did so I could get in and get the debug files. In the photos where it gives the problems, it is not set hence there is QE/CI (I can see the transparency and also it moves things rapidly. But the screen artifacts all over the place
  5. Hi I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen2, i7-4600U Touch Screen 2560x1440 (WQHD), which I have spent about a week installing High Sierra. I tried to follow things the recommended way and got it all working, except that when I enabled framebuffer to get QE/CI, I keep getting the garbled distortions flashing all over the screen. I can see it is accelerated and is working but its impossible to use with the display that way. I tried all the various framebuffers for Laptops and also different SMBIOS like Air, BookPro and even iMac but with no luck. Also tried extracting the EDID withing Windows us
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