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  1. Thank you for your reply Herve, Sorry to ask but could I ask how I get into Single-User Mode from the clover boot menu using a Windows based keyboard . Sorry that you have to deal with this idiot
  2. Thanks for replying Jake Lo. In hindsight it was stupid of me to add that kext. the kext is AppleHDA_ALC292.kext I could have sworn it was the right kext to use to fix the audio that I had used in a past sierra build when this happened to me before, but as it was long ago i couldnt be sure. Added UseKernelCache=No to the boot argument in Clover and tried to boot but came up with the no entry sign again Am I doing something wrong here?
  3. Hi all So I had a working version of High Sierra installed on my Dell Latitude E7440. It was working fine with no issues and was a dream to use on my Latitude E7440. Until two days ago, the audio stopped working. Now I had this before on a Sierra build, and the fix was simple to use a kext installer utility to reinstall the AppleHDA.kext reboot the system and the audio would work again. So thats what I did, fired up the Kext Utility installer, dropped in the AppleHDA out of the E7440_HS file pack and rebooted the system. On reboot, I had the No
  4. Thanks for replying Hervé, I did read that post you put up however got a little confused with what I needed to do...Am I right in thinking all I have to do is add what you have in the post on the first pageto Device (ARPT)??? Also to get BT working do i just install BTFirmwareUploader.kext? Regarding the Touchpad, the kexts I use are whatever was in the driver pack for E7440. I'll check over the weekend to see what kext i have installedfor it. Sorry with the questions thanks for all the help.
  5. Hi all, I've been happily using my Latitude E7440 running High Sierra for the past year or so. However i have a few gripes that I am wondering if someone can assist me with. First off, I have a spare Wifi+BT combo Mini PCI combo card which is an AzureWave AW-NB290H. From what I understand, I need to either patch a kext or the DSDT to get it working. However I am struggling to find out where I get these patches from. I've googled and can't seem to find much except a video on YouTube of a Russian person patching the kext files by copying some data from a text document and
  6. Thanks for the reply Jake lo, Sorry, Im a little slow but Where do I find the "hotpatch in the Config kextToPatch section" Is it within Clover Configurator? Also what is the exact patch I need. Sorry for all the questions an uncertainty. Thanks for all the help and great guides.
  7. Thanks Hervé I'll post it within the next day or so as I dont have access to it at the minute.
  8. Hi Herve Thanks for replying WIth the DSDT in the Bootpack, HDMI audio works. However when I use my own DSDT that I have extracted with Clover and patched, HDMI Audio doesnt work. My question is how I can get HDMI audio working on my own DSDT file that I extracted. I'll have a look at your E6440 guide.
  9. Hi Guys, Have successfully managed to deploy High Sierra to a E7440 (i7) using the fanatastic guide written by Jake Lo (thanks Jake) Everything id working great, I have Audio via HDMI and internal speakers, and have manegde to out put mini-DP to a Monitor. However I have a few questions regarding patching my own E7440 DSDT rather than using the DSDT in the Bootpacks that Jake has kindly created. First off, I have successfully managed to compile the DSDT without errors. and following the Rehabman's DSDT Guide, I have applied the default fixes to t
  10. Got you thanks for confirming
  11. Hi Jake Lo Thanks for the reply. Not sure I understand what you mean "If you want to use HDMI, go with the model without the Nvs4200m" Are you suggesting I should just use the E6420_HD3000 Bootpack and not the E6420_Optimus one? Or are you simply stating that I should have gone for a E6420 that didnt have the NVS4200m built into it? Many thanks
  12. Hi All Have managed to successfully install High Sierra on a Latitude E6420 using the Boot pack and the E6420_Optipmus_A23.zip file. Everything seems to be working fine, however I can't seem to get the HDMI output on the E6420 working. What can I do to fix this issue? I've searched the forums however I cannot find anything specific for the E6420 and HDMI. Is there a setting I have missed in Clover or a Kext file haven't included? I'm quite new to the world of Hackintosh, so go easy on me, but happy to provide any files you request or screenshot you might need from me in order
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