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E7440 - Patching the DSDT


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Hi Guys,


Have successfully managed to deploy High Sierra to a E7440 (i7) using the fanatastic guide written by Jake Lo (thanks Jake)


Everything id working great, I have Audio via HDMI and internal speakers, and have manegde to out put mini-DP to a Monitor.


However I have a few questions regarding patching my own E7440 DSDT rather than using the DSDT in the Bootpacks that Jake has kindly created.


First off, I have successfully managed to compile the DSDT without errors. and following the Rehabman's DSDT Guide, I have applied the default fixes to the DSDT.


"Fix _WAK Arg0 v2"
"HPET Fix"
"IRQ Fix"
"RTC Fix"
"OS Check Fix"
"Fix Mutex with non-zero SyncLevel"
"Add IMEI" 


Along with the 7series/8series USB patch for USB power

E7440 Battery fix


However, I cannot get the inbuilt audio working. I've tried both Audio patches in MaciAsl and they haven't worked.


I did decompile the DSDT.aml file in the bootpack for the E7440 and noticed that it had a realtek ac patch applied to it which I cannot locate but after copying and inserting it into my DSDT it seemed to work which was great, but where can I locate this patch?

Also on the E7440 I'd like to get Audio over HDMI working however not too sure how to do this. Which patch can I apply to the DSDT as using the E7440 DSDT in the bootpack audio works over HDMI perfectly.


One other things, the Backlight Control keys on the keyboard don't seem to work either. Tried the Brightness fix for Haswell and installed the kext but still no joy using the keybaord combination to increase/decrease the backscreen.


Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance.



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Erm... do you or do you not have HDMI audio working? Because you say you do, then that you would like to get audio over HDMI working, so... :blink:


Anyway, to get HDMI audio working you need:

  1. ALC292 audio working (whether with patched AppleHDA + dummy ALC292 kext + HDEF layout injection in DSDT/Clover or with AppleALC kext and HDEF layout injection in DSDT/Clover)
  2. patching of B0D3 device in DSDT (renaming to HDAU + injection of "hda-gfx" property)
  3. Patching of Azul FB layout so that you set your relevant output port to HDMI connector-type 0008 0000


You can consult my E6440 guide where all is explained in details.

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Hi Herve

Thanks for replying

WIth the DSDT in the Bootpack, HDMI audio works.

However when I use my own DSDT that I have extracted with Clover and patched, HDMI Audio doesnt work. 

My question is how I can get HDMI audio working on my own DSDT file that I extracted.


I'll have a look at your E6440 guide.

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Rehabman has 2 default audio patches for layout-id 3 and 12. For audio to work for AppleHDA_ALC292.kext, you need to manually change the layout-id to 1.

As Hervé noted, for HDMI audio, you need to rename B0D3 to HDAU and again need to change layout-id to match the HDEF layout-id which is 1.

Rehabman's patch might not pickup all the B0D3 so you'll have to manually search for and change it or you could opt for Clover Config rename instead.


If you're running 10.12.4 and above, you can't use the brightness patch (PNLF) + IntelBacklight.kext.

You'll need the SSDT-PNLF + AppleBacklightInjector.kext found in my bootpack + the hotpatch in the Config kextToPatch section.

Using Fn+F3 and Fn+Insert to control the brightness on the keyboard.

You'll also need to add the SDCard reader patch as well found here.

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Thanks for the reply Jake lo,

Sorry, Im a little slow but Where do I find the "hotpatch in the Config kextToPatch section" 

Is it within Clover Configurator? 

Also what is the exact patch I need.

Sorry for all the questions an uncertainty.


Thanks for all the help and great guides.



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