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  1. I have downloaded the script, generated debug file ... I do get the KP pretty regularly still, about 1 out of every 3 start ups but no ill effects that I can notice once I'm up and running. Thanks in advance ! debug_18952.zip
  2. You nailed it ! Added your patch and all is I rebooted and then attached the external HDMI display and it just worked, no panic/restart. I sleep the system with 2 displays and it wakes up perfectly every time. And of course, the external display is recognized just fine without the need to set it a wrong res and then reset it back to a good one. So could you please explain exactly what this patch is changing ? What I think that I understand is that it's applied to Framebuffer@1 (105) and changes the port type from DP(04) to HDMI(08). But Framebuffer@1 is where my internal display attaches while my external HDMI display actually attaches to Framebuffer@0. At least that's what I assumed since that's where the new AppleDisplay appears when I connect the external HDMI display. What does swapping the 2 bytes 09->12 immediately after the 0105 do ? If you wouldn't mind expanding on these points, I would sure love to learn. Thank you so much. This is a really great site. You and Herve particularly have been so consistently amazing over the years ! I do have one last strangeity and I apologize if it's offtopic here but ... This system will KP at middle boot right after FakePCIID.kext loads about every 1 out of 4 times. Seems to be a timing thing. KP trace flies by really quickly but seems to involve AppleSMC.kext. I am running the very latest FakeSMC, FakePCIID, Lilu, etc.
  3. Thanks for your reply ! Please advise how you would like me to generate a 'debug' file. Not much of a trick to get the external display to show, really. Seems as thought it's always active but just not receiving the proper resolution mode initially as the external monitor's green light is on solid but with (backlit) black display at boot up. I simply click "Gather Windows" on SystemPreferences->Displays to get the configuration panel for the external display to show up on my primary internal display. Then I switch it to Scaled and purposely select an unsupported resolution like 720p. Then when I immediately switch back to "Default for Display", the external display works and stays that way. Unfortunately, if I sleep, the system will then reboot on wake. This does not happen if I do not connect the external display. I should also mention that if I connect the external display after boot up, the system promptly reboots. So the external display must be connected prior to boot up to work at all. However, if I disconnect the external display then the primary display does go black for a moment but then bounces right back and all is well. In the meantime, I have tried changing the SMBIOS designation to Macmini7,1 but end up with the exact same result. Interestingly, I got a hold of an ioreg file for a genuine iMac14,1 and the primary display actually shows up as an AppleBacklightDisplay under AppleIntelFramebuffer@2 which I totally did not expect. I figured that it would live under AppleIntelFramebuffer@0 where AGPM lives. So, now I'm just more confused, lol ! I have enclosed 4 ioregs. 1 for the system with just an internal display, one with the external HDMI display connected before my fix and one after my fix and also one from a genuine iMac14,1. Hope this helps to get things rolling I had thought that getting my primary/internal display to land under AppleIntelFramebuffer@0 and my external HDMI display to land under AppleIntelFramebuffer@1 might fix everything but maybe that's a flawed assumption on my part DellXPS2720_ioregs.zip
  4. Hi everybody. I have an unusual problem with my Dell XPS 2720. At least this one is new to me ! This is an All-In-One Haswell desktop and I've got Mojave 10.14.1 running pretty well on it except for one strange issue. The internal display shows up as AppleDisplay under AppleIntelFrameBuffer@1 and if I connect an external display to the HDMI port that shows up as AppleDisplay under AppleIntelFrameBuffer@0. There is a little trick that I need to do to actually get the 2nd display to appear the first time which is not a big deal but the big problem is that if the system sleeps, it will then KP upon wake if and only if an external disply is connected to the HDMI port. I have tried defining this system as both an iMac14,1 and iMac14,2 with the same result. iMac15,1 won't recognize an external display. I assume that this is due to the displays being in the opposite places from where the OS expects them to be. Can I swap the framebuffers with kext patches in Clover ? Or is DSDT/SSDT patching the way to go ? Any guidance much appreciated
  5. bisk

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    Ah yes, the dreaded key remapping. I have read through several discussions/explanations on this subject and none have helped me accomplish any success. In the case where I can copy someones's work that usually gets it done. But otherwise, nada. Good luck and if you do nail it, pls write a mini-guide !
  6. bisk

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    Aloha ajcoupe5, Cool u got "illumination autosave" working. If by this you mean saving the current illumination state before going to sleep when the K/B backlight shuts off and then resetting it back to where it was upon wake so that it lights up to the same level again, then there are 2 DSDT functions that you need to find and modify to accomplish this. I have this detailed in my example code. I didn't need a kext for that. But you do have a different laptop so if that is where your solution took you, fair enough. Yea, I have no clue where to even start to get K/B backlight autodimming/touch resuming to work.
  7. bisk

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    I'm glad to hear that it worked out for you. To save your level of illumination b4 going into sleep and resume it after wake you need to find those 2 methods in your DSDT. Sounds like probably you have that working and are just trying to get your illumination to cut off after some amount of time w/o a key touch to return instantly with use. That would be cool if you figure that one out. Pls post that procedure if you do !
  8. bisk

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    Page numero unu, I believe.
  9. bisk

    Refined ALPS TouchPad driver

    Hey guys, I really appreciate your suggestions but that karabiner App is way overkill for my wanting to just remap 2 key combos. That thread on the other site that Jake Lo suggested was spot on for what I want to achieve but simply doesn't work. Neither my E6540 nor my E6240 will remap anything based on those tips. I don't see how the op made it happen and everybody involved over there has just disappeared. Man, why are we having Fn+F3 and Fn+F15 do brightness- and brightness+ when these functions are meant for the Fn+up and Fn+down arrow keys on so many Latitude Dells ? Everything else maps beautifully !
  10. bisk

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    Yea, pretty cool, huh ? Aw shux, thanks for that. Sometimes I have my moments. But thanks really need to be shared with EMlyDinEsh, without whom, none of this would even exist and to the rehabman. His ACPIKeyboard and ACPIDebug tools made it possible for me to dig in and really see what the heck was and, even more importantly, was NOT going on in there ! and thank YOU for sharing your Lilu/ALC audio solution. That got me an input device. I still have no integrated mic but at least my mic input jack is working now. So, do you need to load AsusNBFnKeys.kext now or does your K/B backlight work from FnKeys with only the ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext alone ? and do you need to press Fn+F3/F4 or just F3/F4 to operate K/B backlight -/+ ?
  11. Aloha - Happy to report that there was a happy ending to this saga. In hindsight, this was probably not the appropriate topic under which to discuss a keyboard backlight issue. I moved the issue over to another topic and did ultimately get it figured out. Just in case anyone else finds themselves here looking for a solution to a nonworking keyboard backlight on an Asus laptop - particularly, the Asus Q500a ... https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1968-fn-hotkey-and-als-sensor-driver-for-asus-notebooks/page-50&do=findComment&comment=78209 But all keyboard backlight issues are probably best researched over there along with other matters specifically involving the function keys on Asus laptops. Ciao
  12. bisk

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    Just to close the loop on correcting K/B backlight functionality for the Asus Q500a, I have included a simple recipe here. Please note that if your DSDT reveals that you make a function call similar to ... ^^PCI0.LPCB.EC0.WRAM (0x044B, Local0) to set your K/B backlight levels then the currently published keyboard backlight patches are probably for you. However, if your DSDT reveals that you make function calls more similar to ... ^^PCI0.LPCB.EC0.ECXT (0xB6, 0xFF, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero) to set your K/B backlight levels, you might want to have a glance at the file enclosed below. The modifications within are what I used to get the K/B backlight working properly on the Ivy-Bridge Asus Q500a. Happy hacking AsusQ500aKBbacklightFix.txt
  13. bisk

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    Aloha again ! OK, great news, especially for you ZChuck I cracked the K/B backlight problem on our Asus Q500a laptops !!! As it turns out, this particular kext doesn't do much for us so I had to go back to the drawing board and recode the DSDT just a little bit. But it wasn't really so terribly bad as it could have been, I'm sure. I know that you said you don't need the AsusNBFnKeys.kext to make your audio and brightness keys work but I think you may still need it to make the K/B backlight keys function. The reason is because the ATKD device must be initialized before the K/B backlight code is available to the system. If the ATKD device is not initialized, the K/B backlight code definitely won't execute. Loading the AsusNBFnKeys.kext achieves ATKD initialization. Maybe you have found another way ? Because the K/B backlight patches are useless for us, be sure to disable K/B backlight support by setting: ApplePS2SmartTouchPad->IOKitPersonalities->SmartPad->Preferences->Keyboard->EnableAsusBacklightSupport=NO Otherwise ApplePS2SmartTouchPad will call out those 2 K/B backlight patch functions: SKBL() & GKBL() like 50x a minute. Especially GKBL(), which continuously polls in a loop. You gotta shut those down. If you do end up loading AsusNBFnKeys.kext also, be sure to disable the ALS functionality in The AsusNBFnKeys.kext as well by setting: AsusNBFnKeys.kext->IOKitPersonalities->AsusNBFnKeys->Preferences->ConfigForALS->EnableAtBoot=NO or you system log will be littered by continuous: "AsusNBFnKeys: Cannot find the method ALSS." messages. I have enclosed copies of your original DSDT from the CLOVER zip you enclosed + my K/B backlight modified version in both compiled and source w/comments formats as well as the versions of the author's kexts that I am using with those config options set. To see the mods just search for "FIX(bisk):". The proper illumination level is even saved and reset from sleep to wake as I found the K/B backlight on wake callout function. It's KBLW, lol ! That function decompiled for us with nothing but space between the curly braces. Lmk how it works out for ya. It's working great for me. That's about it. I'm out ... ZChuckMorris.zip
  14. bisk

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    OK, I was starting to wonder whether you had the this FKeys kext loaded. Well that's a diiference. I get NO audio FKeys and NO video brightness FKeys w/o the FKeys kext loaded ! I even added your more complicated video patch and no difference. I did notice a few "X" methods within your video patch. You might have some hotpatching through clover going on. Do you mind zipping up and attaching your Clover folder ? You don't have anything else in the way of mods going on in your main DSDT. I'm using the latest beta of the ElanSmartTouchPad.kext and it's not mapping any FKeys for me other than maybe FN+F1 for sleep and FN+F13 for eject. I'm gonna continue hacking on this K/B backlight thing ...
  15. bisk

    Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

    v208 came installed but is not offered as an upgrade via Asus support, interesting. Maciasl, that's what I figured. Yea, that app never let's me save anything either. It is handy to apply patches so I used to use Maciasl for that but then I'd copy all the text out of the editor, paste it into TextEdit and save it that way. Then compile. Finally got sick of that and just took to applying patches manually. I like to comment all changes anyway which autopatching will not do. But the keyboard backlight still won't work Hey, you are loading both the ElanSmartTouchPad AND this AsusFNKeys kext, right ?