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Latitude 7490: TouchPad close to fully working with new I2C Alps kext


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@juico @blankmac Just gave your new Alps kext a try on my 7490. Touchpad is working. Still no luck with the buttons. 


Also found something interesting. If I place my finger on the touchpad and then hit the button it works! Both buttons working for left click if I place one finger and right click when place two fingers.. I think we are close to succeed on the touchpad buttons soon.

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Just tried the AlpsHID_PTP_test on my Lat E7280 running Catalina 10.15.7 with latest sec updates, etc.


TrackPad buttons are still dead for me unless I am in contact with the trackpad :(

The TrackPad, itself seems nice and smooth, I don't do too many finger acrobatics tho'.


I have been trying the 1.2 git version and had no better luck with that so stopped by here for a visit.


So the TrackPad buttons are functioning properly, i.e. like a mouse, for some of you ?


Is the 1.2 git version more evolved than the test version above ?



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Huh, ok thanks for that. I will be probably updating in the next few days.


Interestingly enough, I get good, normal trackpad button response by rolling back to the previous AlpsT4USB.kext v1.5.


Left button works perfectly w/o the need to be in contact with the trackpad and right button is usually ok too but not 100%.


Maybe this kext is not so popular because of limited gestures ? I dunno, and don't care as all that I really use is 2 finger scrolling.


I'll go back to the AlpsHID.kext if trackpad button functionality returns with Big Sur and/or AlpsT4USB.kext stops functioning.


But, otherwise, dead trackpad buttons is a real deal killer for me so I'll keep cruising with the older version.


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