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  1. Kext is working great for me, well done and thanks. The only issue I have is that my device has volume controls on the keyboard, but also hardware volume control keys on the side. The keyboard volume keys work OTB, but I am having difficulty figuring out what scan codes to send for the ACPI volume keys. I've tried all the "standard" PS2 codes I can find without success. Does anyone which codes to use? I know the problem isn't my ACPI methods, just for kicks I set them to send the brightness controls and that works fine. Thanks is advance!
  2. Running Sierra 10.12.2, trying to get my ACPI volume hard keys on the side of my device working. The keyboard volume keys work OTB, but it's not clear to me what scan code I should be sending to get the hard keys working. I've tried the standard PS2 codes 0x0430 and 0x042E but they don't work. Any advice? Thx.
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