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  1. Hello Herve, i have used the MyHack 3.3.1 + Bootpack .... i followed all the described hints ! The result is always this dump my D630n produces , can you interpret this dump ? I dont have thisd fundamental knowledge about osx , maybe you can help ?? Evtl. i'll give a try to your hints, given on the page you linked in your answer ... i'll post the results immediately .. Many thanks sincerly Dornkaat
  2. hello guys, as i mentioned i have a d630 with nvidia gpu .... glad to have this running ... but now i want to have mavericks on my d630 tried everything to build the boot usb key , like metioned in this thread... after booting with -f-v the installation screen appears and after the selection of the language the installation ends up ... that this installation can not be done ... what can i do .. i cant save the errorlog .... any clue ??? Thanks in advance dornkaat p.s. now i have the installation dump: Installationsprotokoll 9-Apr-2015.txt
  3. Hello i have finished the rework of changing the nvidia motherbord ! everything works now fine , one problem was the heatsink for the nvidia and the chipset chips i had no pads (like dell uses for the heat transport) i used two polished copper plates (same size as the chips) and thermalpaste , works fine ! the other problem is now to install mavericks ..... the disk from my other intel d630 works oob with the nvidia d630 ... the thermal settings are not well set because the fan is running loud .... but it works .... se ya dornkaat
  4. Hey Muranb, i have the same intention to replace the intel board in my d630 with a nvidia board, are there any obstacles what i have to think about, is there an how to in what order the board has to be replaced ?? Thanks in advance dornkaat
  5. moin you guys, got a question, i have got an Dell T3400 with self extracted and working dsdt.aml .. b u t .. how can i merge the ssdt.aml into the dsdt.aml. o r must i create a single ssdt.aml ... and put it in to the extra folder ?? Last but not least ..... can i create the ssdt file with theDSDTE tool ?? THX in advance dornkaat p.s. i like this great forum )
  6. moin guys, got a strange behavior of my d630 there are 2 ramstrepes with each 2 gb plugged in but only one is recognized .. i do not have any clues whats goin on can you give me a helping hand ?? thanks in advance yours dornkaat
  7. moin herve, no i do not try that .. cause i was fascinated that the shop and icloud is working .. when im back home i try to fix it the suggested way ... regards dornkaat
  8. moin herve icloud an the shop is working fine only the facetime doent work .... do not know whats the reason all other is working fine too .. rdp is a great feature ... thanks to all who make it possible cheers dorni
  9. moin you guys got a d630 with lion 10.7.5 working (thanks) but facetime says that the server encounters an error ... use 720p cam from hercules got facetime open but nop connecvt to tze server .. any clue ?? thanks in advance dornkaat
  10. Hello Herve, Thank you I'll give it a try .... cheers dornkaat
  11. moin, great ! i own an t3400 dell prevision it runs mountain lion well, but what ever i tweak around i get icloud and the appstore not working .. inoticed that my latitude d630 works fine and i noticed that icloud and the behavior is like a real macbook .. ithink your tool edp fixes this errors very well ... do you think it is possible to get this working on my t3400 too?? thanks alot sincerly dornkaat
  12. hello guys, got a strange behavior with my d630 ; at firdst i tried SL 10.6.3 out running well .... but now i'm on triying Lion 10.7.5 (got no other Insstallmedia; used myHack to create the USB Stick) my problem is when i'm in the install process the internal Harddrive is nor recognized in Harddiskutility .... any one who has an idea to help ?? regards and cheers dornkaat
  13. moin think the cpu where not propper recogniced ... i had this problem with my t3400 from dell try to boot an run multifail and set your hackmac as mac pro3,1 on my problem that helped ! cheers dornkaat
  14. Moin you Guys, i got some experiences with Hackintosh but the install from scratch on my d630 (with x3100 ) i know ML doesn't work properly with this chip .... , but i'll give this a try to get it working. Yesterday eve i've got a strange behavior of my D630 , i put ML on a Stick with myHack ... over the boot process no strange messages but when it comes to the install screen , the harddisk cannot be found ...... anyone who can give me a hint what to now ? o.k.i can install lion but i like to get this done with ML ..... Thanks in advance Dornkaat
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