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  1. So, now i am getting a Boot0: GPT error after installing Chameleon im starting to give up
  2. i am via a chameleon usb, do i have to uninstall chameleon first?
  3. so, i installed the vodooPS2controller kext, and now my keyboard and touchpad, none of them work this is the only issue i have, and i really need to solve it
  4. is it easier to use clover? and if it is, do you have any guide with it?
  5. i used chameleon, but i dont know how to configure it correctly and i dont know hot to patch DSDT Now i got a Kernel Panic when removing Nullcpumanagment, maybe i will reinstall again, should i use Clover or Chameleon?
  6. So, im a totall newbie in this hackintosh stuff, i got the installation working but keyboard and mouse doesnt work, also i dont know how to apply DSDT or ssdt and all that stuff, so can someone help me? a step-by-step post installation guide would be great Has Intel Core i7 Ivy or sandy i think, 4gb ram and HD graphics 3000 (i think this one doesnt have nvidia) Thanks
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