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  1. Yes, I already have Mojave (10.14.6 on my iMAC - a genuine MAC} and it is slow and constantly reminding me that my apps & software etc will need to be upgraded plus I'm frequently getting the pinwheel cursor. I'm considering downgrading it to El Capitan or Sierra as that's all I really need and are more familiar with. One minor issue I have with my current re-installed El Capitan is that I can't adjust the screen brightness using the Fn Up/Down Arrows keys but the keyboard illumination works good. Is this a known issue or am I missing a kext? Thank you again for your sterling support.
  2. Just to make sure, I have re- reinstalled El Capitan again paying particular attention to your comments and my sound is now working great - thank you! I would now like to upgrade from 10.11.1 to 10.11.6. Can I do this in just one jump by following the fixes for 10.11.4 first. I assume that as I have used one of the latest update Clover loaders already this should be OK? And replacing [email protected] kext with R6B6 plus for my E7440 installing AppleHDA_ALC 292.Kext is all that is required. So just to be clear do I replace the two Kexts to L/E and repare permissions and cache before I update via the Apple Store or afterwards?
  3. Back when I successfully installed El Capitan on my E7440 (January 2016) with a great deal of support from yourself and the forum it worked fine with sound etc. Also back then with the Clover package installer v3320 the only things I had to select were Install for UEFI booting only Install Clover in the ESP Drivers64UEFI\OsxAptioFix Drv-64. Now with the updated Clover Guide and the latest Clover installer for El Capitan/Sierra there are now 8 items to be selected some of which don't appear to be even in the latest Installer so ticked recommended drivers and with luck it appears to have worked and loaded but maybe somewhere along the line I have missed an audio driver/Kext? I hope you can tell from the Clover file I attached and some screen shots of a report.
  4. After rebuiling my Dell E7440 as a result of an SSD failure and reinstalled OS X El Capitan v. 10.11.1 but now have no input or out put devices showing under system preferences. Also under 'system report' 'Audio devices' it lists - Intel High Definition Audio, Internal microphone, Speaker, Line Output, External Microphone/ iPhone Headset, & HDMI/Display port Output, but no technical information about the devices. I also have Windows 7 on dual boot and audio works fine so it would appear to be a software rather than hardware problem. Can anybody advise as where to start looking?
  5. Back in January 2016 with a lot of help from the forum I successfully got El Capitan running on my Dell Latitude E7440 using at that time the Dell Latitude/Inspiron El Capitan Clover Guide with Clover Configurator 4.24 and Clover Loader v3320. Sadly after 3 years of use in my Daughter's possession it has given up the ghost so I have decided to go through the process of installing El Capitan a fresh using the current Dell Latitude/Inspiron/Precision/Vostro/XPS -  Clover Guide and the latest Clover Package Installer Clover_v2.5k_r5018.pkg as I can no longer find the old Guide and Clover Configurator and Loader. I am also doing this on my Mac using macOS Mojave. 


    Religiously following the Guide in preparing a Bootable USB Drive (32GB usb 2) I have got as far as #27 - 'Install', expecting the hidden EFI Partition to appear on the Desktop but nothing. I started all over again several times an still do not get the EFI Partition on my desktop. Would appreciate if you have any idea what I am doing wrong?


  6. Hi Jake, I replaced the old VoodooPS2Controller and have got back my keyboard and touch pad. I have now got as far as installation step 2.13 and got the message can't install El Capitan as the Bless tool was unable to to set the current boot disk??
  7. Hi Jake, Based on trial and error No. 2). appears to be the answer - albeit for a novice who doesn't know what he's doing and why, intuitively this doesn't appear to be right - but it works!! I have managed to get to 2.6 but for some reason my keyboard doesn't work so can't proceed further. Could this be because I have changed to the latest VoodooPS2Controller as I'm still only installing El Capitan 10.11.1 at this stage, again not fully understanding what VoodooPS2Controller does? I am keen to learn/understand is there any thing I can read to get a better understanding of what I am doing and why?
  8. Jake forgive me for being pedantic but for the sake of clarity! 1). I have shown in my previous post replacing the EFI- Clover Folder's ACPI & Kext folders and config. plist file, in their current EFI-Clover folder locations, with the ACPI & Kext folders and config.plist file from E7440 folder so that the renamed EFI_Clover to just EFI has only one set of ACPI & Kext folders and config.plist file. 2). Or are you saying that the E7440 Folders' ACPI & Kext folders and config.plist file should be placed (not replaced) in the EFI-Clover Folder so that there are now in effect 2 sets of ACPI & Kext folders and config.plist files (Generic and E7740 specific) albeit in different locations in EFI_Clover. e.g.: - EFI-Clover/CLOVER/ACPI and EFI_Clover/CLOVER/OEM/SystemProductName/ACPI Please confirm which one is correct -1). or 2).
  9. Hi Jake, Please could you confirm if the following is correct for action 1.29 of your guide. The EFI_Clover folder amended as below by the E7440 Folder is then renamed EFI and replaces the EFI Folder in the root of the "EFI partition". EFI_Clover/BOOT EFI_Clover/CLOVER EFI_Clover/CLOVER/CLOVERIA32.efi EFI_Clover/CLOVER/CLOVERX64.efi EFI_Clover/CLOVER/doc EFI_Clover/CLOVER/drivers32UEFI EFI_Clover/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI EFI_Clover/CLOVER/misc EFI_Clover/CLOVER/OEM EFI_Clover/CLOVER/OEM/SystemProductName EFI_Clover/CLOVER/OEM/SystemProductName/ACPI - Replaced with ACPI from E7440 EFI_Clover/CLOVER/OEM/SystemProductName/config.plist - Replaced with config.plist from E7440 EFI_Clover/CLOVER/OEM/SystemProductName/kexts - Replaced with kexts from E7440 and replace VoodooPS2Controller EFI_Clover/CLOVER/OEM/SystemProductName/ROM EFI_Clover/CLOVER/OEM/SystemProductName/UEFI EFI_Clover/CLOVER/ROM EFI_Clover/CLOVER/themes EFI_Clover/CLOVER/tools Several of the above files have Zero bytes are they still required?
  10. HI Jake , I'm using the same USB drive I used to install El Capitan before successfully (until I had the issue with the upgrade) and it showed up in the Boot List Options as "Install OS X El Capitan" and not with the USB Media name so I don't understand what has changed and why!!!
  11. Hi Jake, I have given up trying and gone ahead and rebuilt my USB El Capitan installation drive. I have followed your Dell Latitude El Capitan Clover Guide and latest Posts. I am confident that I have correctly followed the guide up to 2.3. However on hitting F12 during booting I am only given the choice the choice of selecting "UEFI: ScanDisk Cruzer Facet 1.26" which is the USB media name but no choice of "Install OS X El Capitan". This strange as when I open my USB drive on the Desktop it is titled "Install OS X El Capitan" as it should be. When I go into the BIOS: UEFI is selected in Boot List Option but only UEFI: ScanDisk Cruzer Facet 1.26 is displayed in the Boot Sequence. When I try and boot clicking UEFI: ScanDisk Cruzer Facet 1.26 I get the Clover screen option Boot Mac OS X from Install OS X El Capitan. When I then click it the Apple Logo appears and then quickly disappears and then then Dell Logo and it starts again. What am I doing wrong??
  12. Hi Jake, I get the same result - black screen several minutes of HDD activity and then nothing not even a recycle back to Dell Logo/Clover which I was getting without cpus=1. The last thing I wanted to do but I guess my only option is to go for a total reinstall! How can I run in verbose mode and save the screen output to a log file etc - is there a facility in Clover to do this?
  13. Hi Jake, Have added cpus=1 and rebooted to my Macintosh SSD in Clover. I get the Apple Logo appearing and then the startup bar showing for less than a second then disappears and a black screen but this time rather than recycling to the Dell Logo and back to Clover I get a black screen and a flashing SSD light for several minutes and then no activity other than the power on light! What is supposed to happen after adding this option - being able to booting up via my SSD? I have an external USB to SATA/IDE Adapter that I have tried already connecting my Macintosh SSD to my iMac with but can't get my iMac to recognise the drive as I was going to save my personal files and then do a complete reinstall. Is the issue the voodoops2Controller not being compatible with OSX 10.11.4/5 or something else??
  14. Hi Jake, I rebooted after selecting 'boot without cached mode' and got a message '​This system was automatically rebooted after panic' followed by screens of I guess diagnostic text which disappear before I can read them and then reboots back to clover. I have looked in the option menu and clicked on 'CPU tuning menu' which then gives me list of further options from 'Cores enabled:02' to 'PatchPIC:[ ] & Return' but can't find anywhere to set CPUS=1. So where and how do I add it under options? I also assume that I can only replace the voodoops2Controller once I have successfully got into EL Capitan??
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