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  1. Reinstalled it - three weeks running smoothly. And now it happened again: Header read size 200 Incorrect image signature, expected version 10.7 Why, oh why??
  2. OK, now, this is funny. I just did a complete re-install of my Sierra system - and guess what? Again this memory allocation error. Now I just tried to resize the background.png in /Extra/Themes/Default to match my screen resolutions and - voila! It worked. Strange that this seems to affect only my E6220..?
  3. So I'm probably looking at a complete ré-install here. I'm just afraid that I'm going to face the same problem again if I can't find the source of it...
  4. Sorry, I was confused. I didn't use Clover on my USB install disk, but Enoch.
  5. In that case on the USB installer's folder?
  6. IIt's just the same: Booting from SDD Bootloader into OS X SDD installation failure (header read size 200 etc) Booting from USB Bootloader into OS X SDD installation failure (header read size 200 etc) Booting from USB Bootloader into USB OS X Installer works, but apparently problems with Terminal access to SDD installation
  7. OK, I mounted the SSD partition with diskutil mount /dev/disk0s2 which succeeded ("Volume Macintosh SSD on /dev/disk0s2 mounted") But it didn't change anything on the outcome of the commands in Terminal...
  8. To rule out a misunderstanding: I was now booting from the USB installer into the Sierra installation menu and ran Terminal from there.
  9. EDIT: By accident I wrote "High Sierra", but it's actually just a Sierra system...sorry!
  10. The first command triggers this response: ls: /Volumes/Macintosh/var/vm/: no such file or directory Still tried to rebuild the cache and got "no such file or directory" for the first two directories, "read-only file system" for all the flags and "not a directory" for the last directory...
  11. No, I wasn't able to boot... And I didn't install any updates, also diskutil list shows the SSD as Apple_HFS. The first time this problem appeared was after it wouldn't boot due to low battery. I plugged in the power chord and hit f1 to continue booting, like I did so many times back when I was running Yosemite on that machine. This time though, with my 2 month old HS Sierra install, it got me this problem.
  12. That's strange. I did disable that... Yes I'm using Enoch, but when trying to boot with KernelBooter_kexts= Yes -f -v I get this message: No kext.plist replacement found :-( Is there anything else I can do?
  13. My E6220 with HS Sierra was running smoothly, but when I last booted it failed after the bootloader screen. It said: header read size 200 Incorrect image signature, expected version 10.7 Normal boot and with -s flag does not work. Do you have any idea where to start troubleshooting?
  14. Well, I'm not sure what happened, but it seems to work now. I completed the rest of the post-installation fine-tuning after my try with only the AICPUPM kext. And now the reboot seems to work!! Maybe the newly generated SSDT did do something different than the first time - or it had to do something with my resizing of the background image in the Extra/Themes/Default folder to match my screens resolution, like hinted in this post? Thank you very much for your help, time and effort, Hervé! I've been using this machine daily, set up with your guide and Yosemite more than two years ago. Now I can continue using it with High Sierra!
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