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  1. Dope, I’ll see if I can find some on Craigslist. Thanks for your help.
  2. Great!!! I replaced my DSDT with DSDT you provided and it worked! I now have full graphics acceleration. Thanks a lot
  3. Oh I was hoping that I wouldn’t need it. I don’t have one but at least I know that it’ll definitely get it working
  4. I've tried booting with the lid closed and the keyboard and monitor plugged in, it boots to the Bootloader but once it gets to the desktop, the screen goes black on my monitor and if I open my laptop, I can see that the screen is on at the desktop.
  5. So I should turn on my computer with the lid closed, and connect a USB keyboard and mouse and everything should work OOB?
  6. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to hook up my Dell D820 to my 1080p monitor via VGA. On the compatibility page, it shows that VGA is supported on this machine so I am wondering how I could set it up so that the laptop screen is off and the monitor be the only display?
  7. I used the one thats all the way in the bottom titled "Working Optiplex 790 (990)". That one has only one DSDT, I'll link it so that you can take a look at it. 790_Clover.zip
  8. So I'm installing Mac OS Sierra and I'm trying to get my Graphics Card working but it won't. Before I get into it, here are my specs: i5-2400 CPU Zotac GTX 1050 Ti (Hooked up to my TV via HDMI) 8 GB RAM Dell Optiplex 790 Motherboard (I dunno the specifics off the top of my head) Installing the web drivers does nothing and in 'About this Mac' it shows that the graphics is 'Display 3 MB'. The Web Drivers are selected in Preferences. I have EmuVariableUefi-64 installed, NvidiaGraphicsFixUp and Lilu installed. I have NVDIAWeb checked in config.plist. Editing the config.plist and enabling InjectNVIDIA makes the computer recognize my GTX 1050 Ti but it says it has 256 MB RAM so I'm stuck at that point. My limited hackintosh knowledge makes me believe that it could be my DSDT file as it is from a El Capitan pack found here. Honestly I'm contemplating if I should switch out my 1050 Ti for my 750 TI but I feel I'd run into similar issues. Please help me out.
  9. This guide applies to the Dell Latitude D820 nVidia model. It's just a summarised set of instructions based on work previously done by others several years ago, especially this site's members and admins. None of this is my work. Everything works Out-Of-The-Box except for the Wireless, but you can purchase a compatible WiFi card and use that instead. What you will need: -Install Lion.app -8GB USB Drive -Modified Extras pack that has the correct kexts for your D820 -Dell D820 -Working Hackintosh or Apple machine in order to run myHack To Start: -Download the Modified Extras pack (found down below) and extract it to your Desktop. You will use this as your Extras pack, do not use the one from the Offical OSXLatitude site. -Next, follow the Instructions set forth on the EDP Documentation page and download myHack. Follow the instructions made for the Chameleon bootloader. -Continue on with the already made instructions. Click Yes if you are prompted about the MBR Patch. You should now have created a Lion Installation Drive, -However, myHack will not ask you if you want to use a Custom Extras pack as mentioned in the Documentation. You will have to manually install them after myHack has completed its thing. To get your custom Extras to the USB: -Open up myHack again and select 'Install Extras' -It will then ask where you want to install the Extras to. Select your USB drive. -Then select the Extras folder that's on your Desktop and myHack should do its thing. -That's it, you know have a USB drive ready to go. Installation: -Power on your D820 and go into the BIOS. -Configure your BIOS to these settings. -Insert your USB into your computer and and exit out of the BIOS. -Press F12 to go into Boot Options and select your USB Device from the list. -The USB should boot you into the Installation Screen after a minute or 2. -Continue on with the pre-made instructions from this part of the Documentation. -That should be it, you will reboot and find the OSX Lion works beautifully on the D820!! D820 nVidia pack
  10. It appears that that did the trick. I have fully working Hackintosh on my Dell D820. By the way, what wifi card would work with the D820.
  11. I've tried 'Install Extras' and it gives me the same result. I'm going to just reformat the USB and do a fresh install.
  12. Understood, lol. I'll go ahead and use the myHack Installer. I assume it's as straight forward as selecting 'Install Extras' and follow the prompts, correct?
  13. I deleted the old Extras just by plugging the USB into my iMac and deleting it via Finder. I then, copy and pasted the new pack onto Extras folder. That's it.
  14. It is the nVidia model. As for the '-f -v' flags, I entered them in and a bunch of text popped up and then it disappeared, followed by the black screen and the spinning beach ball.
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