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  1. ugghhhhh been trying to flash the bios on this thing all day. unetbootin wasnt working. It would make the flash drive but then the drive wouldnt boot. I had to hop over to my PC and make the freedos disk that way. After a little computer hopping I am up to A27. I created a DMG file of the FreeDos drive in case someone needs it. Still to get working: 1. Full speed CPU - AC Adaptor is 90watts. No Change without battery removed. Not sure what dynamic settings are in the bios. Unless you are talking about speedstep which is on. 2. Sleep - added the sudo commands in other posts but onces the computer screen has been off for an extended period of time, I have to kill power. If the screen just goes off and I catch it within 5 minutes I am good. A lot of posts say to fix this is EDP is required. Since everytime I load EDP my system stops booting is there kexts or other elements of EDP I may be able to load to correct this? FREEDOS.dmg.zip
  2. still working on the last set of issues. I did find one and get it fixed. The volume control on the e6500 werent working. I found a modified one for the e6400\e6500 on the E6400\E6500 Research Thread 1. Get Kext Beast 2. Copy the audio kext to the desktop. 3. Run Kext Beast. 4. Reboot All Done VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  3. It is odd that your webcam wasnt working after the install. Mine E6500 is the big brother to the E6400 they both use the exact webcam module behind the LCD Bezel. You might have a hardware failure. If I am not mistake and you are still looking, the Dell Webcam Central Software should work for 32\64. That is of course if you are still planning on using Windows on this.
  4. Darvinko, Thanks again for all your help. After having to reload it again I went ahead and through my spare SSD in there. I am still having issue with the sleep settings. I ran both the command you gave me in terminal and it accepted them but after a reboot I put the computer to sleep and it would not come out. Am I doing something wrong. Also any ideas on the proc speed variation? So far I am loving it, Updated SPECs. My E6500 BIOS: A18 Detected as a MacBook pro 5,5 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.52 (however in BIOS is a 2.53GHZ P8700) Audio: IDT 92HD71 - VooDoo HDA Bluetooth: DW370 Battery: 9 Cell Extended Battery - Voodo Battery Memory: 4GB Video: Quadro NVS160M Wireless: DW1510 Webcam: Integrated Storage: Kingston 128GB Sata 2 SSD, Western Digital Black 250gb in modular bay caddy.
  5. ok so got all that done and installed edp and right back to where I started the first go around would just get stuck at the chameleon boot loader. Reinstalled again now for the third time. No more edp for me, it seems.
  6. Update since the last post. 1. Bluetooth just started working - didnt do anything just started. 2. Installed the Voodoo HDA package and now have audio after a reboot. 3. Installed the DW1510, didnt work after first but after a reboot, I am in business. 4. Still trying to figure out how to install the stand alone battery kext - very newb here
  7. thanks to everyone that responded. I am working on this right now. You mentioned flash the bios to the latest version I was just thinking that myself. the Bios installers though are either DOS\Windows based. is there a way to do it in the mac os so I don't have to whip up a DOS Boot Key. Regarding the mountain lion anyone??? well those work even though I am running lion? Also to the person that advised just install EDP I did that on my first attempt to set this up and after a reboot it would no longer boot up? Any thoughts on this. Thanks again, I am looking forward to learning more about this stuff. Hopefully I can contribute to another newbie later on down the road.
  8. Hello Everyone, I am kind of new to the whole hackintosh thing. I have been trying for some time to get one working on multiple systems primarily AMD based. Now though I have a acquired an e6500 and with the help of myHack and the boot backs from this site I have one working for the most part. I do have a few issues I could use some help with. My e6500 has the following issues... 1. no sound 2. no Bluetooth not hugely important to me but I would like to get it working 3. no battery indicator (however is running on battery). 4. When the system goes to sleep I have to manually power it down. 5. The MacOS detects my processor as a 1.52 dual core. However it is actually a 2.53. Interestingly enough I found in the bios the minimum processor speed is 1.52GHZ so it seem to be just running on that. I searched through several forums and found a couple resources but most the links to what I think might work do not seem to be working anymore. If any one has some instructions on what I need to do to get it working I would appreciate it greatly. Please keep in mind I am a very novice mac user, PC's have been my thing for some time so I know those in and out but not mac os. My E6500 BIOS: A18 Detected as a MacBook pro 5,5 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.52 (however in BIOS is a 2.53GHZ P8700) Audio: IDT 92HD71 (not working) Bluetooth: DW370 (not working) Battery: 9 Cell Extended Battery (no indicator, but works) Memory: 4GB Video: Quadro NVS160M (working) Wireless: Intel (replacing with DW1510 waiting on package from Ebay) Webcam: Integrated (Working) Storage: 2 250gb Hard Drives (Western Digital in Primary, Seagate in Modular Bay instead of DVDRW) (both working)
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