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  1. Thank you very much both of you! With the EFI of @FaserF I was able to boot into macOS and the installation of Catalina worked too. I have a few questions left: I still have the problem, that brightening only works after waking up from hibernate. But that's ok for me. From the moment I hit Hibernate to being able to press the start Button to wake it up it takes 18 seconds. I am pretty sure before the update it was much faster. Restarts take a while too from the moment I hit restart to seeing the DELL logo. Maybe it has something to do with it? I have a 7270 with touch Display. Right now the Touch-Display isn't working. //edit BT working perfect after Updating to 10.15.1 5th I installed the 3 Bluetooth Kexte with the Hackintool (btw. is it possible that there is no L/E in Catalina?) but bluetooth works only after hibernate same as brightening controls. I think that's all for now. Already pretty happy maybe you can push me in the right direction? Thanks a lot so far!
  2. Hello everybody, i have the same problem, but with another Error. I got to HS with a lot of help from Jake Lo in this old Thread and I liked it. But with a lot of changes in Catalina id like to upgrade. If I stick to my existing EFI just upgraded, Clover and kexts I get a kp after a while. If I try the the Bootpack suggested above I get very soon the attached error. I attach my updated HS EFI hope you can help me out with that. Thanks a lot for your work!EFI.zip EFI.zip
  3. I am on 10.13.4 now and there are a few changes since my last post. I don't need a custom EDID anymore to fix the Screen after Sleep and my Display doesn't turn black if the Brightness wasn't at max. level before restart. The only problem im still facing is, that my Brightness Keys have no effect on brightness before sleep. The Icon shows up and is changing but the Brightness isn't. Only min. or max. Brightness is working. After Sleep everything works perfekt. But for me that is something I can deal with. Now I set the Brightness I usually need before I restart and if I have to change it I send the dell to sleep. Ill keep you updated and attach my current EFI Folder. EFI.zip
  4. Our Display seems to have an issue working before Sleep / Display Standby. If the Brightness isn't at Max Level it stays black until it goes into Sleep or get to max Brightness by FN Key. At least if you have an custom Edid injected. But without I always got a Display with Graphicglitches after Sleep. With the 10.13.4 ist seems to be better. I don't need a custom EDID anymore to fix the Screen after Sleep and my Display doesn't turn black if the Brightness wasn't at max. level before restart. The only problem im still facing is, that my Brightness Keys have no effect on brightness before sleep. The Icon shows up and is changing but the Brightness isn't. Only min. or max. Brightness is working. After Sleep everything works perfekt. But for me that is something I can deal with. Now I set the Brightness I usually need before I restart and if I have to change it I send the dell to sleep.
  5. Just let us know about problems and success. I tested a lot in the last few Weeks. I’m sure I can help at some point. Maybe you find a solution for the Brightness Issue.
  6. i have almost the same Device. But with an i5 and now Bios 1.18.5 but with touchscreen. I had a lot of issues with the EFI Folders in the Guide Section but Jake Lo helped me out. Try the DSDT and SSDTs Jake Lo attached here https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/10421-looking-for-help-e7270-fullhd-touch-ips/?p=78106 and use the last EFI Folder I attached. If it doesn't work, you might upgrade the bios to 1.18.5 then it should be working. I guess the difference between i5 and i7 aren't a problem - but im still a beginner too so im not 100% sure. My e7270 works fine. I have just a few issues with the brightness control. Hope that helped
  7. So the Hack is up and running like before xD Everything perfect after Sleep. At Start I always got a black screen but was able to set it up to max to login. Then I usually send the Notebook to sleep and start working. Its a little bit annoying but it works. Still not satisfied with this "solution" but I guess its time to move on. My wife already asked me how much time i am going to spend on that thing. Looks like she is even more unhappy about the status quo If one of you have any last ideas that would be awesome. If not its ok to me. I am very thankful for all the help! I really appreciate that Im gonna attach my EFI Folder (did some changes in the config.plist but the problem not controlling brightness was there before. Changed the EDID with an own created (but no changes to yours only the shown Screen in about that Mac and I put an own created (ssdtPRGen.sh-Beta 2) SSDT.AML into patched. I also attached 1 system checking log and a log of IORegistryExplorer At the beginning I only took AppleBack - BrcmF - BrcmP and the FakePC - Kexts to L/E and repaired cache with kext utility then I also used the DisableTu and EAPDFix but I didn't see any changes. What does this kext do? hf_result.zip Martin’s MacBook Pro.zip EFI.zip
  8. That helped thank you very much! Now I start the fine-tuning again xD. Maybe this time I have a better run.
  9. Oh boy... I did the BIOS Update to 1.18.5 and set it back to default. Then I did the recommended Settings again. My macOS was still "working". I didn't recognize any changing. Then I switched the SSD to my new WD Black 256 GB Nvme PCIe0. And installed Windows 10 UEFI to a small part of it. The other 2/3 of the SSD I left unformatted to install there macOS High Sierra. Well I took my EFI Folder of the old installation and wasn't able to get the install menu. Then I tried the old files Jake Lo attached in earlier pages in this thread. I took exactly the same files, folders and settings I used at the last time I installed successful. But I stuck very early. Haven't done a screenshot yet. Could the Windows Installation caused that problem or is it the bios update? Or is it just the person in front of the notebook xD I attached my new origin folder, hoping you could get me another DSDT SSDT Patches for the 1.18.5 to be sure thats not the problem. Thanks a lot... im getting a little frustrating with that dell origin.zip
  10. Thanks that worked. Still having issues with the Brightness. I ordered a bigger and faster SSD (NVME PCI E WD Black) so I will reinstall my macOS soon. Maybe the issue is gone after. But im not so optisimtic. Tanks for all the help!
  11. I reseted my nvram in clover menu. But after nvram -p I noticed that my old entry (red marked) is still here. Shouldn't it gone after reset? I checked my entire invisible files - there is no nvram.plist anymore on my EFI or SSD
  12. After spending frustrating hours trying to get my own dsdt I gave up and focused on the information I got from the post of jerrywilborn. So I renamed all IGPU entries in DSDT back to GFX0 and used the clover Patch to rename them. I was able to boot but no changes. So I tried to boot without dsdt and even that was possible (sound wasn't working) but the Brightness still wasn't working correctly until sleep. So I thought if I have the same problems with or without dsdt - the dsdt can't be the problem. I continued booting without the ssdts and without and with dsdt. Every time I bootet without the SSDTs-0/7 I got a Kernel Panic. And the question that bothers me a lot y the hell do I have problems before sleep and not after like most not finished hackintosh projects xD
  13. Thanks for your reply! I deleted nvram and it didn't came back. In Clovermenu I hit F11 and reseted the nvram. After entering the system Im facing the same problem. and if I check nvram -p there is still the "MyVar TestValue" I created a few days ago. Don't know what that means. After reading the Thread where Jake Lo linked for DSDT Patching I noticed, that jerrywilborn had exactly the same problem with brightness like I do. He solved it by creating his own dsdt and patching ssdts. But I don't understand what patch he used for the ssdts also I get tons of Error trying to create my own DSDT after using "HDEF layout1". I really appreciate your suggestions and all the help!
  14. I have to face exactly the same problem u got! Brightness works perfect after sleep. After login only max brightness or like non. Im very unexperienced in SSDT and DSDTs. Still trying to create my own DSDT but I get a lot of Errors after using "HDEF layout1" ​I also don't understand what kind of patch I have to use for the SSDTs. Maybe you can help me out? Could you explain what u did with the ssdts for dummies? Thanks!
  15. @Jake Lo Thanks for the information about the patches! I tried to start my own dsdt but its really a pain in the *** for a newb like me. And im pretty sure it won't be better then a dsdt made by a pro like you guys. Still not sure if the dsdt is really my problem. @Bronxteck after recreating the nvram on my efi I removed install rc and emu. I also deleted the 2 folders in etc. to make sure rc is gone. I only use AptioMemoryFix now and booting into login screen is working without any problems. after login the brightness is still not working. And if I reduce the brightness to the minimum it won't get back to max brightness. But at minimum I can see a little bit and if I start sleep after waking up everything is perfect. - except I have to sleep first to get the perfect system... i tested to create something in the nvram and after reboot with -p its still there. does one of you guys have another idea how I get the brightness working before starting to sleep? right now I can use it pretty good but id like to have it almost perfect. Thanks again
  16. Thanks for the answer and your explanation! Next time I will use AptioMemoryFix then. -disablegfxfirmware was already checked. I attached my EFI and nvram. I got some help and tried another dsdt but there where no changes. The dsdt.aml_ is the one I got from Jake Lo. Also changed some parts in the config.plist but only to get wifi countrycode to German. Right now im trying to build my own dsdt. thats giving me a really hard time because I don't know what to pick... @Jake Lo can u tell me what patches u used for my dsdt? I think im very close to finish that "Project" I really appreciate your support! Thanks a lot! nvram.plist.zip EFI.zip
  17. Thank you Bronxteck now I have a nvram again! I get to login screen without black display. My Brightness still doesn't work until wake up from sleep. I used osxAptioFix3Drv because I use it on another hack and was felt more familiar. Should I give it another try with aptio or was it just to geht nvram back? Removed / unselected emu-variable and RC script. Should I pick them again now where the startup and nvram is fixed? @Jake Lo are your suggestions done with the created nvram or is it something I should try out now? Thank you guys for helping me out that much. //edit could a wrong set patch in my dsdt cause the issue? I have no clue of dsdt. its just something someone told me I should check //edit #2 i noticed that the boot to login without black screen works only if I waked up from sleep before. if I restart without sleep I need to get the login display working by max. brightness key. so it seems the hack book saves the last "settings of the display?"
  18. i reinstalled clover with EmuVar. but still no NVRAM. abm_firstpolldelay=16000 is already in my config.plist. would it help to remove it?
  19. i don't find a nvram.plist on my efi. maybe thats the problem? where can I choose -f arg? haven't found it in Cloverconfigurator and not in the clover menu at startup.
  20. Hey Jake Lo I did not but I did a huge progress! I remembered, that I got a black screen instead of login with your and my created edids. So I tried again to create one with MacBook Pro 16:10 and both apple backlight. I used a different guide this time where only the 20byte and checksum was edited. But what should I say... it kinda worked. I got again the black screen instead of login tried to put brightness to max (F2) and I got a shiny login screen. After login I tested brightness with F11 / F12 because now my Karabiner started. Well no Brightness changing only max or black. Then I tried sleep and after waking up I had NO Graphic Bugs! And suddenly my brightness on F11 / F12 and in System-Display works aswell. So most Hacks have a problem with their Brightness after waking up from sleep and I have a problem before waking up from sleep xD I am very happy right now but how do I fix the rest? Other edid testing? Or is there another solution? /edit tried iMac and MacBook Pro with FIXEdid. worked exactly like my own one. Black at Login. Everything working after waking up from sleep. - strange
  21. Little Update. I tried a lot of things. Most of the time to fix the Brightness Problem. I realized that my blackscreen after Monitor Standby doesn't have to stay black. If I press the F12 Key to higher Brightness the Monitor comes back. But with the same Graphic Error like waking up from sleep. Seems macOS doesn't load my display prober after sleep / standby. I hope I don't tell you stuff you already noticed... Well even me knows what might cause the problem - but I have no clue how to solve it. Btw. i don't use the EDID right now since nothing seems to help.
  22. Thanks for your reply! If I deactivate EDID I get black screens now at start instead of login so I put my "working" edid in again. Don't know what I did exactly with that script but I attached the out coming debug zip with the command u recommended. Thanks for all your support. debug_16887.zip
  23. i have the kext in S/L/E if I deactivate EDID I still have the problem my Display stays black after monitor went in power-saving. If I send the Notebook in Sleep and wake it up I get this Screen Error. My Brightness still won't work. After Start its in a normal Brightness but if I higher it - its at max and I can't lower it until its almost black.
  24. Thanks for the fast reply! How do you know all this stuff... The missing Card Reader is sad but doesn't hurt. Maybe its working in the future. Sound works now! But with the EDID Code activated I get another black screen instead of login. I followed that guide and have a 12,5" Full HD 1920x1080 Display and I tried different EDID Codes. The only one that didn't left me with a black screen instead of login screen was this: 00FFFFFFFFFFFF000610F29C000000001A150104951A0E7802EF059757549227225054000000010101010101010101010101010101012E3680A070381F4030203500149C1000001A5C2B80A070381F4030203500149C1000001A000000FC00436F6C6F72204C43440A2020200000000000004121A4010000000A010A20200087 On the picture you can see my Settings that lead me to that Code. I also attached my generated edid and DisplayProductID in the Zip. If I try to Pick MacbookPro or Override Display with AppleBacklightDisplay it leads to a Black login Screen. The Brightness still won't work I really appreciate all your help! /edit Brigthness Keys are working but it doesn't matter what I do its at max or dark. Archiv.zip
  25. Oh well, fine-tuning is harder then I thought. iMessage and Facetime works (the first time in my hackintosh history *cheer*) Bluetooth and WLAN with DW1560 worked perfekt after putting the kexts into LE Doesn't work: Sleep Works but I get a destroyed Screen after waking up. If Monitor goes out it stays black even after patching edid (tried different options air 16:9 / MBP 16:10 - here I couldn't even get to login) Sound doesn't work. It can't find any Input or output device Brightness doesn't work - even after Karabiner Card Reader not found Not tested yet: HDMI Do you have some suggestions for me? Thanks again.
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