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  1. First of all, thanks for all your work, almost everything works like a charm I have one issue, I managed to make fn+ insert/Start work in my lenovo g580 keyboard using a dsdt patching method. When I install elan v3.8 this feature seems to be overwritten by this kext features, and I don't know how to ignore them (only brightess features). I've read all the related threads but can't find it... What am I missing? Any help? Thanks
  2. Hi again, just one thing: Is there any way to remove the vendor keyboard layout and restore the apple keyboard layout OR to modify the keyboard config kext to make brightness functions keys work again? (I have a Lenovo laptop, which is not listed in the allowed vendor values list ) When I press fn + f1 or f2 (fn functions to level up/down brightness) the screen turns off (I can turn it on again pressing fn+f6) Brightness function keys don't work pressing fn + f14 and f15, and when I try to modify appleps2keyboard.kext in /contents/plugins nothing seems to change too. I've read the keyboard config post too many times and I don't know if I'm missing something... Anyway, apart from that everything works great, congrats for all your work EMlyDinesh. PD: Touchpad gestures work flawless
  3. Thank you so much! My lenovo g580 keyboard works as it should! (I had to press windows bottom to be able to write "@", now it Alt Gr is Alt Gr again!! Thanks for your work, awesome!
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