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  1. You've used their software for quite some time and the community has benefitted from it. It has come to light that either they have changed their license agreement or the site has failed to adhere to all aspects of the license agreement. The answer is quite simple, you either accept the changes and do what is required, or you change the software vendor you use. That is just how software is.
  2. Just a quick update: I tried the fix mentioned in the link above and it didn't help. Originally the DSDT did not have a _DSM entry for the nvidia device, so I added one and after much hacking I got the device to be correctly detected without the need for GraphicsEnabler=Yes. From here I tried the change specified, but that did not help. On a side note, I realised that the nVidida chip is on a different bus to the GMA chip. From this I was able to construct a DSDT that would work on either chip. This means, I can plug my HDD into my GMA d620 and have graphics work, then plug it into my nVidia d620 without modification. Some things I noted: The GMA has the backlight abilities in the DSDT _DSM entry which gives the system the ability to dim the display prior to blacking out as well as having the brightness control in the display settings. The nVidia _DSM entry did not have this. I tried adding all the AAPL lines into the _DSM for the nVidia chip but was unable to get any brightness controls in the system.
  3. I've just recently obtained a d620 NVidia and am currently looking at the DSDT for a fix (no luck yet). I think a solution could be determined if I knew what DSDT methods are called when the driver wakes up the screen. I know the backlight is turned back on, so I was thinking about also calling the video device and telling it to wake up also. Something for the weekend I guess. Another thing, I had my laptop connected to an external monitor and noticed that when the display wakes from sleep, the external monitor behaves as expected.
  4. I am far from someone who knows their way around the DSDT. I was just lucky. I've send you a message regarding IM
  5. I performed a quick test last night when I got home and as I thought, currently this doesn't work when the laptop is not docked, an external monitor connected, and the lid closed. To get it to work with the external display only simply remove the first conditional (which checks to see if the laptop is docked). Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (SMI (0x84, Zero), Local0) If (LEqual (Local0, 0x00)) { Return (0x00) } < ... snip normal _DSM code ... > }
  6. Fireman Sam

    vga out

    I've posted over in DSDT research a mod that enables VGA out when the laptop lid is closed. I haven't tested with mirroring on though. The link is here PS, sorry for the double posting
  7. Morning, Thanks for all the great work you guys have been doing. I thought I would share a success story from the weekend. I wanted to use my d620 as a desktop machine - in the docking station with an external monitor + keyboard + mouse with the lid closed. What I found that while the external monitor would work when the laptop lid was open and I used both monitors, I could not get the external monitor to work when the lid was closed. I discovered that the external monitor worked in this configuration when I booted without a modified DSDT. I tracked this down to the inclusion of the AAPL,HasPanel device property. If the property was there, the external monitor only worked when the lid was open. This was all good but it was a hassle having to select a different DSDT whenever I wanted to use the d620 as a laptop or a desktop. After several hours of hacking the DSDT I found a way to detect if the laptop is docked and whether the lid is closed. From this I was able to modify the _DSM method of the VID device. I added the following to the start of the method: Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (MIS2, Local0) If (LNotEqual (Local0, 0x00)) { Store (SMI (0x84, Zero), Local0) If (LEqual (Local0, 0x00)) { Return (0x00) } } < ... snip normal _DSM code ... > } I discovered that the value in MIS2 is 0 when the laptop is not docked and SMI(0x84, Zero) returns 0 when the lid is closed. My tests show that this works with the official EDP DSDT (extracted from the bios mod). EDIT: I neglected to mention that I had to remove the device-properties line from /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist.
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