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    Dell E6330

    Yes I did, As Far As I'm aware. This is my first time doing this, so It's possible I missed something. I followed all the steps in the guide. Do I need to run something that is located in the drive after I run the clover installer with the flash drive as the target? If perhaps there was some error with clover is there a way I can put the bootloader on the drive manually. I burned the contents of the drive to a dvd and attempted booting that, with the same results, so either there is something amiss with this pc, there was some error with clover, or I missed something. Advice? Where would I look on the drive to check and see if the bootloader was installed?
  2. CpE_Sklarr

    Dell E6330

    Those screenshots are diagnostics I ran after trying to install 10.11.5 with the clover guide linked above, and for some reason this laptop won't recognize the bootable usb... any ideas why that would be? I'm fairly certain I have everything configured correctly in the bios. You can see in one of them it says Flash Drive DUO, that is the flash drive the installer is on.
  3. CpE_Sklarr

    Dell E6330

    So, I followed your guide to the letter. Got the same error. It's as if this device simply won't recognize a bootable usb device. In the meantime I'm going to try to burn the bootable usb to a dvd and and boot that way, since that's how I installed windows 8.1 on this device. Attached are some photos for information. Let me know what you think.
  4. CpE_Sklarr

    Dell E6330

    Appreciate it. Will give it a shot and report back.
  5. CpE_Sklarr

    Dell E6330

    Hi all, I am trying to turn a dell E6330 into a hackintosh for my wife to work with. I attempted myHack with snow leopard, and when booting from the usb device the screen displayed, "selected boot device failed, push any key to reboot pc." I would really appreciate any help. I have: A .dmg of OS X 10.11.6? the newest one, I downloaded it from the app store today. (6/17/2016) A macbook pro loaned from a friend running OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan A retail DVD of Snow Leopard A retail DVD of Leopard Mulitple flash drives with ample storage A windows 8 OS to work with A ubuntu 16.04 OS to work with Specs and info of this E6330: Current OS: Windows 8.1 BIOS : A15 (unlocked) Processor: i7 3520M Ram: 8gB Video: Intel HD Graphics 4000 SSD: 256 gB Has DVD Optical Drive Legacy boot mode is enabled AHCI enabled secure boot disabled Any other info required I will gladly supply. I am grateful for all support offered. Thank you, Sky
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