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  1. the volume control sometimes fails, just that
  2. thank you very much with macos sierra has not given me any problem, the only brightness does not work and the wifi intel 3165 but really thank you
  3. Ok not start,mesaage not support plattform
  4. The discs do not appear to the beginning and I cannot enter. Slightly this badly. I think I did something wrong when installing clover bootloader. is that it does not start the first issue from the bios I have to boot the sshd disk. I have installed osx 10.11.6 EFI.zip
  5. not startup only usb installer and add ig plattform 191b000,many problems CLOVER 2.zip
  6. I can not enter I have problems with the installer now the sign of prohibits the usb has been damaged I need configuration to start, I installed the captain and now I can not enter
  7. I created the installer of the captain, I added some kexts the fakesmc and the appleps2smartouchpad and added to the configuration in graphics ig-plattform-id 0x19160000 and perfect My bios not found DVMT-prealloc,Not Start blinks screen,need help the most important thing for me is the sound and the graphics
  8. Need help my new laptop Toshiba i7 6700hq with Mac os Sierra,today install,10.12 new clover pack thanks I7 6700hq Dual graphics hd 530,NVidia GTX 950m SSD Samsung 850 evo 16gb ram ddr3 Display full hp ips
  9. Hello problem not shutdown and wifi atheros ar9280,problems dsdt patches?
  10. Hello appleps2smart touchpad v4.7b5 not work click right two fingers os sierra 10.12.6;soluti
  11. exact not wok perfect controls brightness, for me not important
  12. hello...mount partition with efimounter or clover configurator, add folder EFI, add codeccommander with kextutility.RESTART Nvidia gtx950m not support only intel hd530 module wifi not support remplace atheros 9280 work perfect eBay shipping EFI.zip Kext Utility.zip CodecCommander.kext.zip
  13. Thanks!!!solved.reinstall MacOS Sierra Congratulations,thanks you support
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