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  1. I Have injected wx3200 with Radeon Pro 560 and running successfully
  2. Thanks touch pad is now working. though had to install Trackpad.prefPane from Sierra to detect trackpad in os preferences. now gestures including double-click works mouse still doesn't work. any way of injecting wx3200 to make it work?
  3. I have a new Dell Precesion M7540 with following specs CPU i9 9980HK graphics AMD wx3200 4gb My laptop is booting successfully with Mojave , but AMD graphics is getting detected as "AMD Radeon Polaris 12 7 MB" any one has success in installing with above graphics card Keyboard is working but trackpad is not working. attached is my EFI EFI.zip
  4. HI Have you done the DVMT patch correctly. If yes 530 will work which OS are you on? config.plist.zip
  5. If you have enabled Hd530 correctly, and not disable the Nvidia . Laptop will boot with HD530 with lcd attached on 530. the M1000m will be in standby, unless your software is able to use it. like Da Vinci resolve takes advantage of unused graphics card for processing.
  6. Thanks a Lot Jake Lo And Bronxtec. Its working now
  7. Hi mencius Did you Manage to install?
  8. CLOVER.zip I have BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext installed in S/L/E
  9. Hi I am doing a clean install of OSX Sierra on this system. .I have Broadcom 94352Z working earlier on el Captain , But I am unable to make it work on Sierra . the system shows the bluetooth but no Wifi. any guide to make it work? under USB it shows as 5880: Product ID: 0x5832 Vendor ID: 0x0a5c (Broadcom Corp.) Version: 1.01 Serial Number: 0123456789ABCD Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Broadcom Corp Location ID: 0x14a00000 / 4 Current Available (mA): 500 Extra Operating Current (mA): 0 But no wifi?????
  10. HI Does the USB 3.1 works on this. i tried connecting a card reader. it showed the power LED but the card didn't get mounted. Does the thunderbolt work. Im on El Captain
  11. Hi Dual gpu works with nvidia but bios resets to nvidia graphics only after every boot. Dual Gpu with AMD graphics works without bios resets.
  12. With the latest updates of elcaptain my laptop M7510 freezes whenever there is power mode change. i.e. from AC to battery or vice versa. any Solutions?
  13. here is my config I have Intel Hd530 and Nvidia M1000M I don't use DSDST patching as it always fails for me. config.plist.zip
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