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Whats going on?! - I'll tell ya whats going on.


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I know that some of you have been wondering for a long time what's going on - not many news coming from the team - and you have properly been wondering - what's going on .. is the team dead.

Nope, not entirely - we just enjoyed a long needed break.

Many years have passed since we started OSXLatitude - and while most of us back then most likely had a lot more time - time changes.. we grow older (and uglier *hint hint mario*) - but this dosen't mean that OSXL is dead - thanx to all of you - all of you amazing users that have keep the site alive - we have decided to give OSXL a much needed facelift - on all fronts.

During the next couple of months we will be renewing all fronts of OSXL.. and we are reviewing all ideas... here are a few...

1. New Site design
2. New version of EDP
3. Community cryptocurrency coin
4. New features and services

... and much .. much more.. so for those of you who thought the OSXL team is dead.. that's far from the truth.. 

So keep an eye on the site.

Cya around

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Changes I have done,

  • Changed CKEDITOR theme to be more in sync with current theme (the current one looks better)
  • Changed font to "Roboto Regular"
  • Added webkit font smoothing (Text will be easier to read on screens of all resolutions)
  • Added font weight (Cosmetic enhancements)


Fixed an issue where "Location: Value" used to be shown as "LocationValue", like


Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.44.54 AM.png


Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.45.11 AM.png

Note: I am using a CSS override in order to accomplish this as I do not have access to the theme files(FTP) and hey! it can be done using css.

Search for "Nick" in custom.css to see what edits I have done.

Goodnight! It's 4AM here. LOL. Gonna get some sleep.

I will keep updating this post as I keep making changes.

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