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In place upgrades through AppStore


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First apologies if posting on wrong forum. This seemed like the best one.


Previously when I have tried to upgrade OS minor versions , e.g. 10.12.5 to 10.12.6 through AppStore. I have always failed. I do not recall if this is because of choice of bootloader - Enoch vs Clover - or choice of hardware - Dell vs HP.


So I learnt quickly to download DMG separately and launch from Finder instead of AppStore.


Now I have heard one advantage of Clover is OS updates. So can I expect to update 10.13 from AppStore? Or maybe I can create a standard USB stick like original max owners do and then try? Or do I have to hack it from scratch using guides for creating hack USB sticks and try from scratch.


Just hoping there is easier way to upgrade OS on my existing laptops and I could always work out any device issues if they arise. Hope someone has tried and inplace 10.13 upgrade with Clover and can inform how to do it.

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