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Skype quit unexpectedly


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Hi everybody. I have a problem with Skype for several months now and I can't find a solution anywhere. When I start Skype, the message appears saying that Skype quit unexpectedly, and it gives me three choices: Ignore, Report and Reopen. When I click Reopen, again, it says Skype quit unexpectedly and pops out the gigantic report. I am pretty sure that this problem occurred after I've installed some third party software for call recording, I think it was call Onde call recorder. I have uninstalled it but without results.

I've tried every suggestion I could find online - I've deleted files from the Library and Application support,  I've scanned my Mac with several antivirus and Malware software and tried to reinstall Skype numerous times. I have also contacted Skype and their employee tried to fix the problem but it was unsuccessful.  Unfortunately, nothing helped. If anyone had a similar problem and fixed it, I would really appreciate any suggestions. My Mac preferences are: OS X Yosemite v.10.10.2., 3.19 GHz Intel Pentium i5, 16 GB RAM DD3, NVidia GeForce 7500, 1023 MB.


Thank you very much in advance.

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