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WWAN card choice and how to


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I have a dell e7240 running on el capitan


so I got 2 WWAN PCI E mini card :

Ericsson F3507G



Both ar WCDMA HSUPA modem


I tried with ZTE and got this in system information




so I took:

  • dev id 0x0016
  • vendor id 0x19d2


I converted it online and I got this :

  • dev id 22
  • vendor id 6610


I added this in Info.plist inside CellPhoneHelper.kext:

<key>0x0016/0x19d2 ZTE WCDMA Technologies MSM</key>
<string>Obtain From Service Provider</string>
<string>Sierra GSM Personality</string>


I use kext utility to restore it and repair permission
after reboot, always the same, no wwan module, so how to?
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There are various ways, it really depends on the model. You can look at the card itself and check for any indication on the label or you can scrounge the Web for indications.


if you cannot identify the chip, you may try to patch the kext using various module entries of the Info.plist file as the starting base. You'd then be on a trial and error mode.


The Ericsson F3507G module has been discussed at great length in a separate thread. Can't remember if the card got to run as a WWAN module as just as a dial-up modem. It was reported fully working under El Capitan so you could expect it still works under Sierra and High Sierra. I've not played with 3G modules for some time now, they've become sort of obsolete with the ever widening ability to use one's smartphone as a wireless hotspot/access point.

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