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[Short GUIDE] Install High Sierra on Lenovo X201 [i5 520M]


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Hi Microchip1974....


Great find... i can also boot up now to the clover menu.... 

TheOpSis did encourage me to use 2 usb for the installation....

One of the bootloader which we have already done.. and the other with High Sierra created using... 


sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/USB2 && say Boot Installer Complete


I have a feeling this might not work.

You have rightly stated that our machines does not support UEFI boot... as such we might even need

a MBR install for High Sierra and the final HD that High Sierra is going on to be MBR as well.....(i am not sure but will find out soon)


In the meantime i found and interesting link that you can have a look at if you run into trouble installing on GPT disk...



BTW thanks for the hint on changing the clover options during installing of the bootloader....

I will try to install tomorrow and see how i go.... 





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Hi Microchip1974..

I did the 2 usb thumdrive boot .... 

I managed to get to the install High Sierra Install screen .. please see attached.....

BTW, you best include VoodooPS2Controller.kext into the Kext/Other folder.... if 

not will not get trackpad to work the mouse pointer.... 


Ok now that i know it will boot into the installer.. i will wait until tomorrow to install it to 

a SSD and see how i go.. it's kind of late here where i am at.... 




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Hi theOpSis...
can you please show me a jpeg of your EFI Partition and your working High Sierra root folders... 
Instructions are a bit confusing so i guess the best way is to show using jpeg...
As you can see from my conversation with a member here... the initial instructions did not work for dual USB boot
as our x201 did not recognize EFI boot.. we had to mod the boot for mbr.... using USB
I am not sure about your post install instructions... you seem to mention mount EFI.. but when i look at your 
EFI-Post install folder it looks as if it has the same structure as a member USB boot...???
Yes I know the contents are different... but folder with post install boot looks like member install.. 


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Hi TheOpSis...
Thanks for the jpegs... Can you show me what settings you choose in your Clover install to the internal SSD? What you selected.
When you say standard install, it did not work for me in the USB boot. I think this is more important to me as well.... 
Was your SSD formatted as GPT and HFS +

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I don't precisely remember what my initial Clover bootloader install options were, since I have it installed on my SSD from 2016, with Sierra and a few weeks ago just upgraded to High Sierra. But last night (after you pointed that you can't reach Clover) , I've tested myself on a 2GB USB stick, as I showed you (standard install meaning that in Clover installer, I only changed the destination to my USB), restarted my laptop and booted from it into the installer with no problem.


The post install files I provided are the ones I use on my system right now.


My SSD is GPT and APFS (Apple File System), since that's what High Sierra runs on.

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That is really odd..... 

Can you do me a favour?... reinstall the Clover on your 2gb USB.. but before you install click on Customize

I want to see what has been selected.(jpg)... Thanks... 

I could never get it to install just doing a normal install.... maybe ur normal is not as normal as mine...haha


Thanks again... 

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Hi TheOpSis..
Thanks very much... This makes it so much clearer.. This setting is what i am using...pointed out to me by another member here.
My initial standard install had "Don't update Mbr and Pbr sectors" chosen as default... and that is why it never work.
It's a pity you cannot remember the Clover install settings for internal SSD setting... i am sure it is not default settings....
Oh by the way... AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext.zip is installed into S/L/E ??

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