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E5470: Install macOS Sierra or High Sierra

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There's not much support for Alps touchpad beyond v3 and v5, and yours is v7 or maybe v8.

Basic scrolling and mouse movement will be all you can get.

SD card reader is not yet supported, there's development but had stopped. But I think it might start up again soon.


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Thanks Jake Lo!

You are quite right, its a Alps V7 trackpad, if Linux is right.

Never thought I would miss trackpoint or upper mouse buttons, but I became used to them, seemingly.


As for the SD card reader, many PCI card readers may work some day, if the JMicron software could be patched accordingly.

Fun fact, I have such a card reader with my T420 and its working with Mojave - even though the installer package is for Lion or lower.



What do you think about the non working LAN?

Is there anything I could try?

Not that I would use LAN much with a notebook. ;)


One other thing:

I´m getting KP on restart/shutdown with 10.13.6, should I better update Clover from r4910?


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Thanks again for your time and your good help Jake Lo!


I tried Clover r4920 which did not like me and r4918 with the E5470 package you kindly made available.

I could not get rid of the shutdown KP so far using r4918.

Though I really like the E5470, time slips away and I have to lay aside my T420 replacement project for now.

Maybe I can give it another go in autumn/winter.


You can´t always get what you want, wasn´t it? ;)


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Great, thanks!

Seems I got something now and the E5470 looks like a keeper.

I updated r4910 to r4918 and your latest folder - things are looking good.


Trackpoint and upper mouse buttons do work, but Alt and Command are switched, plus I can´t access the trackpad settings.

Did I mess up something (again) maybe?

Brightness keys are dead (with Fn key) too.


I´ll try upgrading the OS and report back.

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Trackpad settings is not working because the PS2 kexts I included is a generic mouse kext, but you can still do 2 fingers scrolling...etc.

See my E7470 guide to fix the Fn key issue and scrolling with the track stick here


If you have AppleBacklightInjector.kext install in /L/E or /S/L/E, remove it

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Sure I´ll look at Carabiner. I did read the guide, but did not realize this is the solution.

Can´t get used to Apple´s "natural" scrolling. :(

LAN is working for the first time! Thanks for that too.


No AppleBacklightInjector.kext installed.


Did I tell that keyboard is no longer identified?

Not a big issue, as its working, but I can´t seem to swap back Option and Control.

Maybe you could take a look at the recent dump to find out whats going on?



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Not seeing any issue with the debug files

You can change direction of the mouse scrolling if you click on Mouse preference and select "Scroll Direction:Natural" or uncheck, whichever you have it

For the Alt+Control key switch, you should be able to change it under Keyboard-> Modifier Keys. I don't have to do that, I use ANSI type.

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