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BCM94331CD in WWAN slot?

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I recently bought a Dell Latitude E6230 with the Bluetooth module removed because it was used in an office environment. Due to this, Continuity features such as Airdrop and Handoff will not work in High Sierra, because there is no Bluetooth. The specs are:

CPU: i7-3520M (2c4t)

RAM: 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 

WiFi: DW1510

Bluetooth: None :(

I am thinking of replacing the DW1510 with an Apple/Broadcom BCM94331CD (with a miniPCIe adapter, of course).

What I want to know before spending the money on it though, is, will it work? 

I am making this post because I want to know if there is anyone who has tried a BCM94331CD on a Latitude E series, preferably the E6230, and had it work.

I hope someone can give me the information I need. Thanks in advance.


(P.S. My clover folder is attached, if needed, and I have A11 BIOS)


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It'll work OOB exactly as with Apple's own BCM94360xxx (my E6220/E6230 all run on BCM94360CD) but it's a much slower model supporting 802.11n @450Mbps max. vs. 802.11ac @1300Mbps for Apple's BCM94360CD/CS/CS2.








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