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my hats off to you gentlemen


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well i have to admit i had my doubts about your package.

i'm a noob with a capital n and i created my first osx86 machine a year ago using leppy's disk on a D620.

talk about a walk in the park, i was floored.

anyway this year becoming frustrated with adobe's drop of support for the PPC macs in flashplayer i decided to dig out leppy's disc and build a netbook out of a D420 that they were throwing out at work.

anyway it went pretty smooth until i updated to 10.6.6 combo pack. it'd boot but there was a boatload of little issues like wifi not working even though i installed a 1390 card and booting took forever, there must of been 50 pages of kexts not loading yet it would boot.

i just ran your 1.9 package on it; everything works including the 1390 card. it boots in a fraction of the time and there's no pages of errors.


nice job gentlemen.


ok, goofy question, what the heck is that remote disk in my finder window?

it only shows up on the machines i've ran edp on.


oops, this should go into feedback, sorry about that.

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ok, here's a really stupid question...

i've been trying to update my latitude 630 to minimun 10.6.6 so i can download lion, but i just can't get it to go past 10.6.3, it's either a black or blue screen no matter what i try. so i'm trying to follow your instructions to create a usb boot pen thing but i'm confused about the "extra" folder.

when you guys say "4. Extra the extra.zip to the root of the USB drive (attached to post)" do you mean i drop your extra folder inside the extra folder chameleon creates or replace it?

see i told you i was a newb.

thanx for any reply.

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