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Dell 5548 problems after update Sierra


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Hello. Sorry for my english.

I have dell 5548 laptop . Intel i5-5200u processor Amd R7 260m and Intel hd5500 graphics card. 8gb ddr3 ram.


Im before usin El capitan and not live any problem. But update my os from appstore. My kext doesnt work and give kernel panics.


My problems.


Audio not work. (I try voodoohda.)

Trackpad (i can use normaly but right click doesnt work)

Battery indicator

HDMI audio

Brightness control.


Thanks for help.


Edit:My real problem very slow boot and sometimes not boot.


Edit2:I fixed audio and battery indicator. (Not try yet hdmi audio.) .Use your bootpack


Edit3:Right click work with 2 finger click. Im just need help for brightness control and hdmi audio.

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In Config file, under SSDT sortOrder, add SSDT-PNLF.aml

In either /L/E or /S/L/E, wherever you installed these kexts, remove the following:







For audio, I see you have both AppleALC.kext and AppleHDA_ALC255.kext. Use one or the other, not both

Remove then, repair permission and rebuild cache.


Lastly, your system has an AMD graphics card as well as HD5500. You might be using the wrong bootpack that is HD5500 only.

I see your AMD graphics loading in IOReg, this will drain your battery quickly if not disabled.

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Thanks for your help. I removed thats kext and edit config file. Brightness control is working.Now i need fix gesture problem. I can use trackpad and work some gestures but not all. How can disable my amd graphic card.

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