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10.8.x on Thinkpad x61 with Files from here?


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I have a ThinkMac x61 mit great working 10.7.5 Lion.


Now i have read, Mountain Lion works with 32bit with Beta Kernel from Mountain Lion?


What i need for Install?


Give it a guide and files here for my x61 (non x61s or x61t or so)?


Mountain Lion is a good choice for iMessge with x61. :D

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You'll have to use the original MLPF tool (normally still available on the web through Google) or the newest MacPostFactor and use a similar process as described all those years ago for our old Dell Latitude D series.



You may not use EDP of course, so re-use all those add-on kexts you currently use for Lion.


I would advise you proceed as follows:

1) install ML on your X61 (without full graphics acceleration)

2) if applicable, update to ML 10.8.5 and install all further updates

3) apply the MLPF tool as described in the guides (ignore the fact your X61 may report 10.8.4 in the end, it's just cosmetic and can be adjusted)


Bear in mind that this type of ML hacked installation remains a little bit buggy and iMessage may not even work.

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i have (sorry for my english) install ML via Parallels Desktop for Mac in a virtual Machine. Then - with Carbon Copy Cloner - i have cloned the VM-HDD to real USB-HDD. Then, i install Chameleon to USB-HDD and copy Extra (DSDT etc). 


I have only Kexte for Yosemite but not for ML. (64bit). 


ML starts in 64bit on my x61, without x3100. Battery is not recognize.  Sleep not work. Sound works, WLAN (Broadcom) works, No BT. Keyboard and  Thinkpad red "Mouse" works. 


But, when i start MLPF the app say "no install file found". How can i install beta-kernel for 32bit Support?

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Why don't you just simply make a vanilla ML installer with myHack, then install standard 64bit ML on your X61. Then, you'll be able to apply the MLPF hack which requires to have a legit' ML installer package in Applications folder.


You can't just overwrite the vanilla 64bit kernel with the fat binary version from ML Beta 1. Whilst it may then run in 64bit kernel mode, it just won't allow you to run ML in 32bit kernel mode since you wouldn't have the necessary fat binary kexts.


So follow the principles explained in our posted MLPF guides:





Again, if you previously ran Lion 10.7.5 on that X61, you probably can re-use the add-on kexts you had installed, again, as long as they're fat binary.
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