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E7450 Sierra10.12.6 NO SOUND!PLS HELP!


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By the way,i lived in China, so replace google with baidu to pass the internet access check.  ^_^ 


Hold on for a moment....

System report will be included in the dump as requested.

Found script data directory at /Users/crazy/Library/debugNk

EFI Mount Script (RehabMan) not found. Need to fetch it.

Checking connectivity..

Internet connectivity is all good to go.

Downloading EFI Mount script

Script downloaded. Verifying.

Script is verified.

Setting permissions.

IORegistryExplorer not found at /Applications/IORegistryExplorer.app

Downloading IORegistryExplorer.

Downloaded IORegistryExplorer.

Verifying Downloaded file.

File Verified. Installing.

Installed IORegistryExplorer at /Applications/IORegistryExplorer.app

Patchmatic not installed. Checking in DATA directory.

Patchmatic not found in data directory.

Downloading Patchmatic.

Downloaded Patchmatic.

Verifying downloaded file.

File verified.

It resides at /Users/crazy/Library/debugNk/patchmatic

Data will be dumped at /Users/crazy/Desktop/9854

Dumping loaded ACPI tables.

Dumped loaded ACPI tables.

Dumping System log.

Dumping kernel log.

Dumping kextstat.

Dumping kextcache

Dumping clover files.

Mounted EFI at /Volumes/EFI (credits RehabMan)

Removing theme dir.

Removing tools dir.

Masking your System IDs

Dumped CLOVER files.

Unmounted /Volumes/EFI

Dumping IOREG.

IOREG Verified as /Users/crazy/Desktop/9854/wanghonjindeAir.lan.ioreg

Generating system info, this may take a while.

Dumping Boot log

Dumping NVRAM values...

Zipping all the files

Zipped files at: /Users/crazy/Desktop/9854/debug_9854.zip

Dump complete. Open /Users/crazy/Desktop/9854?(Yy/Nn) n

Okay. You can open it manually.


Thank You! Hope your problem gets sorted out soon.

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Now the question is display brightness.

After Karabiner-Elements and karabiner.json installed, all Keys except F11 & F12 working, but the default brightness is low, so i can endure it.

Now the sound question resovled, and the default brightness is very high, especially in dark, a big problem!

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