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Lion 10.7.2 on D620 nv but no boot with Chamelen on HDD


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Thanks to this side I managed to install Lion 10.7.2 and all works fine.

Now I ve got a new HDD 750 GB WD Scorpio Black.


I can install Lion, but when I use lizard to install Cha,eleon off the EDP 2.2 then it installes fine but still can not boot.


Only via USB Stick works fine.




On my old HDD Lizard installes the bootloader just fine.


Please refer to the screenshot..


What goes wrong here?


Please help.



post-1671-041749300 1326901983.jpg

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I did purchase another WD black scorpio with 4k sector (for my new Hacky), so I had to install chamelion again.

I found multifail will install chamelion fine, if the HDD ist connected as USB drive.

It will do the trick automatically.


Very nice!





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