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  1. Hi, Ist there an update? Can you post what the contens is of your efi partition? Ich bitte um Feedback. regards, madmax
  2. Hi, what is your e5520 hardware config. I own one myself and would be interested to find a way to install Sierra as well. Iam running Yosi right now. All attempts to install even el captian end up afther installing fine ine a not bootable condition. Please post your config maybe in your signature. regards, Madmax
  3. Hello, did someone have success with this and the clover method? regards, madmax
  4. Hi, thats great to hear. I am glad that it worked out. I hope you open a bottle of old cognac (maybe in compainion with a good cigar) and lean back ( for 5 minutes ) regards, Madmax
  5. So close before El Capitan we need the forum. So, as suggested before, I vote for paying them and prepare the move to a diffrent software. regards, Madmax
  6. I would go with rapidlords suggestion. Get them off your neck right now and try to find a diffrent Formum software. It gives you some time. I hope more members donate to: [email protected] regards, madmax
  7. Hi, I just donated 50€ I hope this helps. Get the license and go on. I support you. Thanks for all work of the team. regards madmax
  8. Hi All, the MAC OSX Update 10.10.3 went well on my E5520 running clover. All working without repairing anything. regards, Madmax
  9. One thing that I noticed today is that the webcam is gone. It was supported bit its not detected anymore.. Anyone an Idea? Please advise. Madmax
  10. Hi, great, Thanks a lot. I just changed the 24 to 27 and it worked the Update went away after the appstore refreshed. Thanks again. Madmax
  11. Hello, a new EFI Firmware update 2.7 is showing up on the Appstore. I obviously should not run that as I have a dell. But the update is getting on my nerves. How can I get rid of it? Rightclick and hide the update is not working... Someone an idea? regards, Madmax
  12. Hi, I just updated to 10.10.1. All Ok. regards, madmax
  13. Hi, yes it works like a charm. I used this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298027-guide-aio-guides-for-hackintosh/ beginning with post 4. Please pay attention to the settings in SMBIOS in clover. USe the numbers that worked in Mav. To create a config file I used the vietnam tool. imessage and facetime is as well a^topic to pay attention to: Please work thru the entire guide: http://www.tonycrapx86.com/general-help/110471-how-fix-imessage.html have fun. madmax
  14. Hi, I did install Yosemite usinmg the ( or most bits) from here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298027-guide-aio-guides-for-hackintosh/page-2 The testing has begone... The next weeks will show what is working and what not. madmax
  15. Hi, Did someone already try to install Mavericks or Yosemite on the e5520 using Clover? I am interested to hear what your experience is? Please share your information regards madmax
  16. Hi, on my Dell M4300 Nvidia with smbios Macbookpro 5..1 (for speedstep) with serial and biosversion modified from MBP 4.1 I have HD 1080 support. I thought that the issue is only ivy bridge related. I could not fine reports for sandy bridge.
  17. Hi, yes my hack asks if I would like to remove this. I first did yes to remove, Last week as I found the problem I reinstalled this kext using kext utility. Further I can not play itunes SD Movies that I purchased either. But I found that when I use imac 12.1 (SMBIOS in chameleon Wizard) I can at least Play SDs. in Macbook pro 8.1 I can not. So there might be an issue of some sort. Any hints are welcome. regards, Madmax
  18. Hi, please help with a sponsored dsdt and ssdt patch job. I sent my files via eMail. Dell Latitude 5520, i5 2430m, Sandy Bridge, HD3000, 8 GB RAM, Display 15 inch, 1920x 1080 LVDS. 1.5 TB HDD1 320 GB HDD2 IN MODULAR BAY. I currently have issues to payback itunes drm HD content that I pruchased. (HDCP Message) The Macbook pro 8.1 is the closest real Mac model. Thanks Madmax
  19. Hi will this make it to the compatibiliy chart? Please advise. Madmax
  20. Hi, I added voodoobattery,kext to show the battery charge. That works well. One thing that is not working is the itunes HD Movie Playback of purchased 1080 HD movies. It tells me that the display can not be used to playback HD content. Technically it should not be an issue. But I believe its a rights management issue between the Grafics chip and the way the display is connected. Does that work for some one? Please advise. Thanks Madmax
  21. Hi I was able to install with this extra folder: Testing will go on. I will give you some more feedback in a few days. regards, Madmax Extra 14.zip
  22. Hi, I tried it with ch wizard. Adding was OK, but still vertical stripes on the screen after booting with -v. I can see every line OK. But at the end when you expect to see the install screen I only have the vertical stripes the get brighter with everys second. I then kill it by pressing the power button. Please help. Madmax
  23. Hi, Ok, I created the usb Mavericks installer with myhack and installed then the extra folder. The notebook boots with reading the files from the usb stick but at the end when it shitches the grafics mode ( I guess to display the mac install screen it only shows funny vertival strips. I guess that the grafic is not set correctly. Can some one please help? I have a resolution of 1920 by 1080. Thanks, regards Madmax
  24. Hi, thanks all. I will get two of these tomorrow. Over the weekend I will try that out. Thanks, Madmax
  25. Hi bobdamnit, would it be sufficient to use the extra from the latitude 5520 from the compatibility list plus the ssdt file that hervé attached? at least to start with. Plus the dsdt from here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2559-e5520-bootpack-problems-with-intel-hd-3000-hd-1920x1080/ because my notebook has this resolution? Please advise Madmax
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